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Moisture Mask

So what does one do with all this product?  Try it on and try it out!    When we got our care package this week from Aromatherapy Associates, we just had to try this one.   With California weather being extremely dry in summer months, skin needs hydration and moisture.  Look what we found from Aromatherapy Associates!

Aromatherapy Associates

At Lowelights, our offices swim in a culmination of fragrances.  Some members like lavender, others like patchouli, but they all meld together to create an intoxicating workplace which we love coming to.  But when we received our Aromatherapy Associates Essential Travel Oils samples, the world stopped and the heavens parted.  This 4 piece mini set is the perfect pairing of essential oils and each 0.25oz size is easy to bring along with you wherever you go. 

We spoke to our good friend Roja Dove, one of the most quoted authorities in the world of fragrances, who said "Smell is the first sense we have.  It's what bonds us to our mothers.  It's not food, it's smell."   And these tiny travelers by Aromatherapy Associates are a must-have for every vanity or bedtime table.  Priced at $53, these can be found online at, as well as fine retailers around the world including Canyon Ranch, St. Regis Monarch Beach and Mandarin Oriental Hotels and s…

Mirabella Makeup - Fall Release


We got the skinny before the product even hits the stands and we think it's HOT!!!

Deep kisses, sultry lips, and color that lasts and lasts.  Get your gorgeous colors this season at

Tell them Billy Lowe sent you!

Beauty Sleep

We've all heard the saying "Gotta get my beauty sleep."   Or perhaps, you're the type of person that enjoys an afternoon "cat nap."  But just how much beauty sleep do we really need?  LoweLights' own Billy Lowe believes people don't need as much sleep as what they may believe.  But we took it a step further and spoke to medical professionals to see what they had to say. 

Most Doctors agreed that we should listen to our bodies when it comes to needing rest (unless bad habits are being formed).  Our bodies know about how much sleep we need and if we're feeling exhausted or fatigued we should definitely find time for rest.  The interesting thing we'd like to note is that mothers of newborns (and even college students much of the time) often function on 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night and do just fine yet there are many people out there who declare their need for 8, 9 or even 10 hours of sleep a night. 

"I don'…