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Dish pan hands? Not anymore.

Day to day weather, environment and activities can really take a toll on your hands.  But did you know that signs of aging show up first around the eyes, neckline and hands?  That's because the skin is thinnest in these areas with less "cushion" to support it.   With that said, it's very important to take care of these areas and to treat them like delicate fabric.  Personally, in my salon experience, my hands become dry, cracked and very uncomfortable but I've come up with a few helpful ways to keep my hands looking and feeling their best.

Exfoliate!  This helps remove layers of dead surface cells and keeps hands looking great.   Skin around the nail bed gets cracked and can harden, causing nail area to become dry, split, and feel very uncomfortable.  Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin and keeps it looking soft and supple.  It also helps moisturizer to its job. Moisturize daily and keep moisturizers with you as needed for extra comfort and support.  We are oft…

Born Free Fashion Show

The news is in and the event is ON.   Don't miss Fur Free Fashion Show at WONDERLAND Los Angeles. 

THURSDAY SEPT 22, 2011:   6:30pm to 9:30pm

Hosted by Amy Paffrath

This free event is by invitation only and RSVP is requested.   Tell them Billy Lowe sent you. It's a wonderful cause, and one of many of Hollywood's celebrity events that's sure to pack a crowd.   Special performance by 8mm.

RSVP to Kristi Blacharski -