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Taxi Services

Today I'm on a bit of a rant and have discovered the BEST way to take care of your taxi driver. 

A girl in heels schlepping heavy totes to set is never an easy task. The cab driver pulled up to the apartment, helped me with one bag after I made my way to the boot of the car, and I continued to load the rest.  As I got out I handed him $7 which was for a quick ride up the street to set, and then I got out (he did not).  

"Should I unload my own bags?"  I asked.

"Yes please!"  he retorted .  

So girls the lesson is this.  When the cabbie drops you off - GET OUT OF THE CAR.    Trust me he'll get out with you.  Have him help you unload the bags and THEN pay/tip him for the services.  If you hand him the money first inside the car, he'll sit there and let you help yourself. 

Mandy Gibbens
Beauty writer;