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Virgo Horoscope reading

VIRGO SEPTEMBER HOROSCOPE 2011 (Aug 23-Sept 22): Happy Birthday Virgo! Brace yourself for a month of change and lots of social invites! The first part of the month is loaded with opportunities for love, business and career. For those Virgo's already involved in a relationship mid-month can bring a serious commitment or marriage proposal! For those Virgo's looking for love there is a strong chance you will meet a new love prospect that has great potential for long-term! Your hopes for new opportunities are now falling into place so be sure to start that new decorating or business project. This is a time of new beginnings and sure success. By mid-month you may be feeling antsy. Consider a trip to an exotic foreign land. You are destined to have exciting opportunities in your travels. As the month closes, your thoughts will focus more on money. You may seek new sources of income; maybe a part-time job or consulting assignment. This is a time when making the initial c…

Vince Camuto Eau de Parfum

The word is out, the launch is on! is all over this one.  The sexy shoe designer coveted by Katie Holmes (and shhh!! Rihanna even gives up her Louboutins for this one!),  Vince Camuto proudly launches his first fragrance.  This gorgeous bottle gives us a contemporary, sophisticated feel yet the fragrance never fails to be feminine. As this alluring essence opens, every man in sight finds his senses deliciously teased with the delicate blossoms of a rare Chinese flower, the nectar of Osmanthus. Then the rich essence of Bulgarian white rose surfaces.  He's a goner - ALMOST! Intrigued enough to stick around, the leather notes begin to surface - a hot counterpoint to the cool floral of night blossoming jasmine. Coming closer now, lured in by the familiarity of vanilla, mesmerized by patchouli, hot Brazilian amber...then comes the final hook: leathery musk. Roll credits. End of story. She got her man...And her man got...Stay tuned. V…

Special Events - Hair and Makeup

Who in the world would use hair & makeup for an executive golf tournament or a board meeting?  Why would anyone book a beauty event for an annual business summit?   The answer - you might just be surprised.

Though suits and ties don't require a lot of hair & make-up, much of what happens behind the scenes does.   The Billy Lowe and team were invited to an annual executive retreat to produce a beauty lounge for the wives and guests, while the executives were in their meetings each day.  It was a wonderful weekend full of makeovers, gift bags, how to's, pampering treatments and so much more.  The guests had a great time, the hair and makeup team had a great time and everyone left the week full of relaxation, beauty and having learned a new tip or two.

So whether you're launching a new product and want to drive retail and visibility, or you're a large (or small) corporation and just want to provide something special for your staff, hair & makeup…

Bridal Hair - Wedding Day

Though summer is almost over, back to school isn't the only thing on peoples' minds for fall.  It's true - many weddings take place in the fall, one of the most beautiful times of year.  From themed weddings to more classic engagements, weddings in the fall are perhaps some of the most romantic ever.

When it comes to wedding day beauty, however, I suggest planning well in advance (a year in fact) especially when it comes to your hair & make-up.  Here's what it looks like.

1.  Avoid last minute appointments with a hair stylist or make-up artist simply to avoid any last minute uh-ohs.
2.  Start planning your cut & color a year in advance (unless you've made the decision to marry a week from now) especially if you have longer hair.  Keeping hair looking the most consistent for the longest period of time is a great way to be sure hair looks its best on your wedding day. 
3.  At 6 months prior to your wedding, start looking at products and tools you should be focus…

Clarisonic Mia - Great colors

I think by now the world knows what a Clarisonic fan I am.  But this year, the Clarisonic Mia has exciting news and lots of colors to choose from.  The classic Clarisonic device was developed a number of years ago to help cleanse the skin, remove makeup more thoroughly, and keep skin looking and feeling bright and beautiful.  Then came the Clarisonic Mia (a smaller version of the Clarisonic device and perfect for traveling and every beauty bag whether you have a standard size or not).  But what I love MOST about the Mia is the fabulous color selection.

For more information on the Clarisonic family, benefits of using, or to personalize your own Clarisonic device, please visit

Mia Photo courtesy of Clarisonic for

Retail:  $149

Mario Lopez looking good!

Beauty isn't just for her anymore.  In fact, the beauty market for "him" since early Y2K has grown in leaps and bounds.   From additional salon services such as brow grooming or waxing to skincare and hair care, men around the world are tapping into the look good-feel good world of beauty. team members caught up with Mario Lopez looking better than ever with sun kissed skin and perfectly groomed hair in August of 2011.  With a true Hollywood smile and looking this great, we thought we'd share a few great tips for men everywhere to get that Mario look.

Hair:  For a cleaner neckline, have your salon professional remove hair around the nape with waxing services.  This keeps hair looking neat and clean for a longer period of time.

Skin:  Exfoliate daily with a mild facial scrub or clarifying toner for the face.   This helps remove layers of dead surface cels and keeps skin looking and feeling bright and radiant.

To avoid shine on the skin, use a tissueu thro…

Celebrity Smile

Awards season, holidays, back to school, special events and another season is upon us.  We're barely out of summer and our schedule is already filling up for year end.  But what could be better than looking and feeling great than walking into that special event with a red carpet smile?

Sources close to us gave us THE LOWE DOWN on getting that red carpet smile with some products that are not only affordable, but have proven results and are approved by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). 

1)  GOSmile Touch-up Smile Perfecting Ampoules (30 count) – Retail price -$35.00 (effective, great flavors, perfect travel size) *Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz have use these 2)  Chic-Flic TOGO Pen – Retail price- $29.99 (fits easily in your purse for an after work or dinner quick brightening)
3)  Supersmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum– Retail price -$24.00 (this is not just any really works to whiten and brighten quickly!)
4 ) Dog Butt Floss – Retail price -$15…