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Age defying mask - from Erno Laszlo

OK, we love it.  On Wednesday our beauty team received a sample of Erno Laszlo's TranspHUSE Age Defying Mask. A $90 price point at many Nordstrom and SAKS stores, this is a luxurious approach to anti-aging designed to target fine lines and wrinkles. This invigorating formula inpHUSES skin with moisture, reversing damage and rejuvenating tired, dull looking skin. Formulated with a powerful concentration of glycosaminoglycans to encourage collagen production for a plumper, more youthful complexion.

How to use: Cleanse and tone skin using Erno Laszlo systems appropriate for your skin time. Apply an even layer of TranspHUSE Age Defying Mask to face, avoiding eyes and brows. Leave on for 5-10 minutes or until dry. Rinse with warm water. Use weekly or as needed.
Size - 3.5 oz.By Erno Laszlo.

VMA Celebrity Beauty

We'll be covering it this weekend.  Stay tuned, get tapped in, and turned on.  We've heard the word, we've got the skinny, and wait til you see the stage.  We'll be missing Madge this year but does Brit-Brit get a pat on the back after all?  WE THINK SO!!!

Happening this weekend - Los Angeles!

From follow-up beauty to all the slips and falls, we'll have recaps right here.  GET SOME!

This just in - Pearl Technology

Billy Lowe ALWAYS has the beauty scoop on hot new products, trends and finds.   This great new product information just came in to our beauty team over the weekend and we are super excited to tell you about it.  We also heard that this product is great for hangovers and jet lag.  Read on. 
Here's' what the TheraPearl team told beauty members at 
"TheraPearl’s new Eye-ssential mask is a Beauty Game Changer!  Based on the concept of frozen peas, TheraPearl uses Pearl Technology™ to provide hot AND cold relief to all beauty woes."  WE LOVE IT!
"Created by Dr. Carol Balthazar, a physician specializing in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the pearls inside the eyemask mold and contour to your eyes and cheeks to offer pain, swelling and bruising relief.  Each mask is completely non-toxic and reusable and can go right from the freezer to the microwave for instant beauty relief!In addition to providing effective pain relief for beauty treatments (pricks,…

Chocolate and beauty!

If you're like me, chocolate is a MUST for every beauty routine.  OK, maybe that's pushing it a little.  But let's just say I love chocolate (more than regular meals) and a favorite new dining spot I've found is a restaurant called Fico.  If you're anywhere near the Los Angeles area, it's a must stop, must see, must dine. The best pizzas, salads, brunches, and everything in between.  Oh, and did I mention chocolate?

Located on trendy Robertson Boulevard just south of 3rd, (310 S Robertson Blvd) you might miss it if you're expecting flashy banners or window displays.  Tucked just behind some hedging and a cozy patio, you'll find the perfect setting for dining and conversation.  A blend of wood and metal accents gives the sense of openness, good energy, and a light and airy feel.  So go see for yourself why I'm so crazy for the place.  But while you're there, in addition to great pizzas and brunches, you must try the chocolate torino (my personal…