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Lady Gaga and Cher Duet

LOTS of inside scoop coming to us about Lady Gaga and Cher!!!!!

Much chat about the exciting duet "The Greatest Thing Ever" due out September 2011.  Lady Gaga was just in Los Angeles to throw down her vocals and we're all holding out breath for the grand finale. After some mixing and mastering and a final cut, we'll keep you posted right here from one of Gaga's biggest underground fan groups.  More to come - stay tuned!!!

Fur Free Fashion - 2011

Today our team received HOT scoop on the upcoming FFFashion Show
Los Angeles, CA for BornFreeUSA - SEPTEMBER 2011.  It goes like this:  "The second annual fur free fashion show “fffashion L.A.”  is a one-of-a-kind fashion show that will infuse Los Angeles with the best in “kind couture”—cutting-edge fashions that are friendly to animals and the environment. fffashion L.A. is a project of Born Free USA, a nationally recognized leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation. (

Founded by the stars for the iconic film “Born Free” the organization works to  end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife — including highly endangered species — in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally.
This year’s  fffashion L.A. will feature the wining designers from Born Free USA’s fur free fashion competition which were selected by a celebrity panel of judges including  internat…

Toss it!

If you're going through your closet and see products that have been there a while, or perhaps you still believe you'll use "someday,"  chances are they need to be pitched.  We are creatures of habit and generally use the same things over and over.  But when it comes to a tube of two year old mascara, or a bottle of body lotion that might be just as old, for safety and sanitation purposes, I say toss them.  Many people hold on to their products for much too long.  Once a product is opened, the countdown begins.  I especially recommend disposing of old products that are used around the eye and lip area, I suggest disposing of these every 2-3months (if they even last that long). Enjoy your day. 

Photo courtesy of Dore Medere - for Billy Lowe

Magazine Hair Color

Ink and paper tell so many stories.  Their words can take us around the world and back without our having to leave a chair and their photos help us see things we may never have seen before.  What can be even more tricky is looking at hair color in a magazine.  What most readers don't realize is that it sometimes takes thousands of shots, hours of set-up, the perfect lighting, and the skillful eye of a photographer to capture that one perfect shot that makes it into the pages of a magazine.

Remember when you're looking at magazines that you're looking at ink and paper, the perfect lighting, the perfect back-drop, and possibly a few touch-ups.  And while nowadays most photos are true-to-tone, color results are not always "picture perfect."  Be sure to take your time when discussing your color preferences with your hair stylist or beauty professional.  A few extra minutes for the hair consultation will help achieve the results you want that are worthy of the red car…

Ellen Sirot

Supermodel of hands Ellen Sirot knows beauty, and she definitely knows hands.  As one of the worlds most featured hand (super) models, Ellen's complete hand care line will have those dish-pan-hands looking absolutely radiant. 
For more information on Ellen's hot line and great new items please visit for  more information.  You might just learn how to be a hand model yourself.  Ellen we love our Hand Perfecting Lotion

Photo courtesy of Ellen Sirot.

Hair Color

Color mixing, formulation and application are all very exact sciences.  So many times I see hair stylists applying color that has hardly been blended at all.  This can lead to color inconsistency, non-true color, and incomplete coverage.  So many times I hear people say "My hair stylist missed a spot!" and my first thought is "I wonder if the color was completely blended."

If it's a service you are paying for, it's totally ok to peek over your stylists shoulder and make sure the hair color blend looks more like a pudding than lumpy muffin mix.  If it looks lumpy - then it's not blended well enough.  This will definitely help with the application process, ensure proper color coverage and a much more desirable outcome.    Our best to you and your color results this season.

Before and After - Makeovers

One of my favorite makeovers was on a teacher in California that the crew fell in love with.  A working mother, devoted to her family first, her career second, and little or no time for her own beauty routine each and every day.

My team and I rolled out the red carpet for Mrs. G, took her shopping, and glammed this working mom up.  I applied a beautiful chocolate brown as the base with subtle dimension through the top, and covered up faded ends throughout. For the cut I worked with the perimeter shaping and created seamless layering throughout and softened facial features.    Lighter applications of makeup were used by my makeup team so she could replicate the look at home and not get lost in the technique, and attire was kept simple with body-comfortable clothing that she could mix and match herself.  We love you Mrs. G and hope you're doing GREAT with your new look.

For Billy Lowe makeovers, special events and campaigns in Los Angeles, please visit our EVENTS page.  For opportun…

Fall Hair 2011

Bye-Bye-Bangs, hello long tresses.  Fall 2011 is sporting a hot revisited trend with hair becoming more of a one-length look again without the side-swept bang action.

More and more, Fall 2011 is looking more like something out of a Lady Gaga video with buttoned up attire and long flowing tresses.  One lengths are in, bangs are out.  This year look for a lot of center parting, no volume at the scalp area, and either straight tresses that are just below shoulder length, or loose tousled curl at the shoulder area.  Again, no volume at the root, full body curls or straight and polished through to the ends. It's a very "face framed" look with hair moving away from the forehead area.  This look creates height, gives face that long, lean appearance, and sports hair that says "I'm sexy - come touch me!"

BEAUTY TIP:  Ask your hair stylist to keep your length in the front, shorter layers, and soft cutting around the perimeter to achieve this hot look for Fall.

Don't do it yourself!

One of the biggest mistakes clients can make is trying to cut, color, or treat their own hair without professional advice or a second opinion.

Many times, even hair stylists in the salon ask one another for a second opinion prior to applying color.   It's the same in most professions whether it be medical, legal, etc.  Yet many individuals believe they know what's best for their hair so they self-prescribe with no true knowledge of the science behind hair care, color formulations, contributing pigment, direction of hair or distribution points.  What's worse, is that they make these purchases with no second opinion.   All of these points are crucial in achieving the best hair color possible, or the best haircut possible.  Without this science, we would all have cut & color that looked more like an accident in a print shop than carefully defined application.

The $7 box of hair color you purchased can turn out to be a $400 color correction and it's simply not worth it…

Over Processed Hair - OUCH!

Despite fair warnings of "I don't recommend that for your hair,"  some clients insist on a certain look and insist that it's great for them when it might not be.  We see photos of celebrities and the glamor shots taken, but we don't see the hours upon hours of preparation, set up, styling, stage setting, air brushing, and the thousands of shots it takes just to get that one "magazine perfect" shot.

Simply put, your hair can only take so much before it breaks or becomes extremely brittle.  Over processed hair looks dry, becomes more sparse, and the ends look very frayed and worn.  Though we see celebrities with different hair color from season to season, we don't see them during the transition.  They may be brunette on one magazine cover, and blonde on the next.  But what most readers don't know is that photo shoots aren't always shot in succession.  They can often be months apart, giving hair time to recover or gradually move into another sh…

The right way to brush your hair

Is there a right or wrong way to brush your hair?  Does it really make a difference in the health or feel of the hair?  Let's dish.

When brushing your hair, I always recommend starting with the right tools.  Just like an artist, calligrapher, or photographer has certain tools he enjoys working with, the same holds true for the art of hair.  When it comes to general brushing throughout the day (such as detangling or styling) I always recommend using a vent brush, or a paddle brushDenman makes an amazing assortment of these types of brushes and are all available online or at your local hair salon.  Large paddle brushes are great for detangling because of the cushioned base which gives flexibility as you move through the hair.  Here are a few great beauty tips when brushing.

Never start at the scalp area.  If your hair is tangled, you'll only create more wear and tear as you're brushing  through your hair.   Hair should be brushed from the ends first, working out the tangle…

Grooming in the workplace

Let's face it - how you dress does affect how you feel.  I've always said "if you look great - you feel great."   And it's especially true in the workplace.  

To me, there's nothing better than picking up 20 or 30 freshly laundered shirts at the cleaners (or perhaps I took the time to iron a few myself).  I believe, in the workplace, that when you feel great people notice.   When people notice, they let you know by saying things like:   "Hey nice shirt!"   "Wow, you look amazing!"  "Did you do something different?"  And these little pats on the back lift your spirits, give you more energy, and actually can help make you more productive throughout the day.  Don't get me wrong.  Productivity is so much more than how much you did for your boss.  It's a feeling, a state of mind, and a sense of empowerment for oneself.  I think we all deserve to feel that way each and every day. 

So whether you're an employee getting up a…

Hot Oil Treatments

Many people have become fascinated by hot oil treatments and moisture treatments for hair.  But just what are they good for, and how do they work?
I tend to believe the more natural the ingredients - the better the results for your hair.  But before packing on one of these treatments, it's important to go through the right pre-treat systems.  Otherwise, you're just packing oil on top of hair that already has build-up, and the benefits won't be as noticeable.

As always, consult with your salon professional before self prescribing these hair moisture treatments yourself. It's important to shampoo and condition hair prior to application for best results.  I also recommend a clarifying shampoo to help remove build-up on hair.  When shampooing, remember to work the scalp area as well to help stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells at the scalp area.  This helps prevent flaking.  When applying your conditioning oil, begin with the ends and loosely apply through ends, …