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Root Lift

How to get volume in your hair.
Looking for a little volume and not quite sure how to pump it up?  The key to this is a product called root-lift.  Each manufacturer may call it something different but that's the idea of it.  There are a number of other names for this product such as root-boost, root-volume, root-lift, etc.

The purpose of a root lift product is to give volume and lift at the root area to prevent hair from looking or becoming flat throughout the day.  I recommend speaking to your hair stylist or salon professional to see which products or brands might be right for you.  These root lift products come in a variety of sizes and price points so there's definitely something for everyone. 

How to use: 
Shampoo & condition as normal (use lighter amounts of conditioner at root area when more volume is needed.  Towel dry and apply root-lift at the root area massaging throughout. Apply other styling products as needed through the ends of the hair to protect against th…

Airport Security Beauty

Nowadays, travel is becoming more and more challenging with thoughts of check-in, what to pack, arriving a few minutes early, and hoping your party finds you on the other end since they can no longer meet you at the gate.  And after a 2, 3, or 10 hour flight, we all hit the landing strip trying to pull ourselves into consciousness wishing for nothing more than a nice comfy bed at the end of the journey.  But for most of us, it's trying to unbuckle our seat belts and be patient with the passenger in front of us, while looking our best for a meeting we have at our destination.  We scramble for a comb, a compact, and heavens only knows where a mirror is as we wipe the sleep from our eyes before leaving the plane.  To make matters worse, your beauty products are packed safely away in a luggage piece that you may not even have time to find before your meeting (if you even brought a beauty bag at all).

So how should we pack for our journeys and just what should we bring?  What's all…

Nighttime Hair Care

It's 11p.m., you've had an exhausting day, and the only thing you'd like to do is fall face down into a bed of pillows and let the world go by.  Not so fast little Dollie - there's still a few things to do and remember before bedtime with regard to your beauty routine at night.  You want to look your best for Prince Charming should you see him in your dreams!

Many people are restless sleepers and toss and turn throughout the night.  In the morning their hair looks more like something from a horror movie than any fabric that's shapeable the next day. Others, too, have interesting patterns at night falling asleep with their glasses on while reading a book, using earphones and music to sleep to, or the infamous falling asleep with chewing gum and trying to find some age-old remedy to get it out of your hair the next day.  Take care of your hair.

Here are a few great bedtime No-No's, and things to remember that might help. 
If you have long hair, braid before bedtime…

Honey Miracles

Did you know that honey is quite the miracle ingredient?  In fact, honey can be used for so many things in addition to sweetening your tea.  Honey is often used in skincare products, hair care, topical treatments, detox blends and so much more.  But just what is it that makes this ancient sweetness so good for us?  And just what is it that allows honey such a long "shelf-life" without spoiling? 
In much of my research the answers seemed to be the same.  Because of its low water content, honey does not spoil.  Most microorganisms do not grow in honey for this very reason.  It's also best to keep honey out of the refrigerator so it will not crystalize (harden) as fast.  Honey will crystalize eventually, and still be usable  in its new form, but keeping honey out and at room temperature is best and slows down the crystalization process.
Here are a few benefits of honey that you may not have known about. 
Its sweet taste is of course a benefit and adds great flavor to teas, to…

Pets in the salon?

Everyone knows what a pet lover I am and how ga-ga I become over my own dog Panda.  But as to having pets in the salon, not only is it against the rules of most Bureaus of Barbering and Cosmetology, it can be an extreme distraction to your salon professional, and other clients in the who may not be as pet-friendly.  Animals can also pose a safety risk to your salon professional through potential tripping, or accidents with scissors.

For the most part, clients come to enjoy their relaxing time at the shampoo area, the ambiance of the salon, and general conversation with their friends or salon professional.  For others it's a place of quiet retreat. The last thing they want to hear is a barking dog or continued Shhhh-ing.  Additionally, some pets can become nervous in public places leading to restlessness and running around.  My suggestion here - leave the pets at home where they are safe and in good care.  They'll be waiting anxiously for you to get home with your new do.

Erno Laszlo Skincare

When it comes to great skincare, I must admit I'm a fan of Erno Laszlo.  For years this boutique brand has been leading the skincare revolution with its infamous splashing and skincare ritual.  When followed precisely,your skin has a radiant glow and softness and stays comfortable throughout the day. 

A few products on the market that are celebrating an anniversary come from the Firmarine series in this celebrity skincare line. While firming and smoothing the skin and eye area, they also leave the skin feeling very hydrated and glowing.  Be sure you are using your right Erno Laszlo skincare "o'clock" and don't forget your 30 splashes a day.  It makes all the difference in the world in your morning and evening skincare ritual - especially during summer months when skin can often feel hot, dry and very uncomfortable.

For more information visit Erno Laszlo skincare at

Bald is Beautiful

Dear Billy:  I love reading your blog but I think I need some help.  While my husband shaves his head and doesn't really need any hair styling tips do you have any grooming tips for men that might be helpful for him?     Thanks.  Linda C - Lexington, KY. 

Dear Linda C.

Absolutely, and thanks for writing.  We all know that bald is beautiful and some men wear that look quite nicely.  From my days in skincare, I know that 90% of sun damage comes from incidental sun exposure and if your husband shaves his head, sunscreen is a must especially in today's conditions.  Also be reminded that the hours of 11am to 3pm are the most risky times to be out and about due to higher burn potential.  For the gentleman that shaves his head or is balding naturally, proper skincare is of utmost importance.   Here are a few great beauty tips on this question.

1.  Be sure your Doctor is checking your skin regularly.   Skin is very thin on the top of the head and there isn't as much fatty tissue …

Salon Retail

So you're wrapping up your salon appointment, standing in front of the retail self with that puzzled look on your face asking yourself "How many hair products am I supposed to take?"  You start reading the labels and it could be Greek for all you know because nothing seems to make sense.   Extra this, super hydrating that, no sulfate the other, shea butter concentrate, and on and on it goes.

The easiest recommendation I can make is to take 3 products and add more later if needed.  I always recommend a shampoo, a conditioner, and one styling product of your choice.  If that doesn't include hairspray, then add on a hairspray and 4 items is a great start to the retail experience.  Most of my readers know what a hairspray fan I am and that it's great for nearly every hair style tip imaginable.  But starting with the basics (shampoo and conditioner) gets you off to a good start and it's the foundation for healthy shiny hair.  A supplemental styling product might b…

Salon Ratings Online

When searching for salons, how you do work through the countless rants and raves online to really decide who is the best? What about all those outstanding reviews.  Are they really true?  What about that horrible review that someone else left?  Is that true? 

I was reading an article recently in a business magazine and it became increasingly clear to me that, unfortunately, there is hardly any censorship online of what gets posted. One wrong turn and a single person can take off on an entire campaign against a business leading to lost sales, damage to reputation, and so much more.  Many of these cases happen because of lack of understanding, and even lack of accountability or responsibility on a client's part. For example, if a client is 15-20 minutes late, the salon may not have time to see that client due to the delays and often times has to turn a client away.  If this client is a new-comer to the business, she or he may not understand salon practices and become offended and w…

Jessica Simpson Perfume

Though it just celebrated its first birthday, we still think Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights is a great fragrance.  Truthfully, we think it's great for her or him.  A mysterious scent, Fancy Nights gives sultry undertones and depth to its overall mood.  Available online through many merchants, we think you'll be pleased with your own bottle of Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson.   As one of our writers put it, "Simpson needs to put down the microphone and pick up a sketch pad.  Her fashion is fabulous!" 

Epsom Salt Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Nothing says beauty like a bath or body treatment.  And nothing has been around (or so it seems) as long as Epsom Salt.  My Grandmother used Epsom Salt for just about everything from laundry, to dishes and even gardening.  She said it was a true remedy that was good for just about everything. 

Today, even many celebrities are using Epsom Salt including Gwynneth Paltrow who blogged some time ago about one of her own celebrity beauty tips using Epsom Salt. 

One of my great hair tips for this is to apply a tablespoon of Epsom Salt into a 4 or 6 oz spray bottle, fill with warm water to dissolve the Epsom Salt, and mist through ends of hair for that beach textured feel.  Allow hair to air-dry or use a light speed and blow dry with your fingers.   You don't have to go to the beach to get that California beach look.  Just use Grandma's cure; a tablespoon of Epsom Salt.  For more information please visit the Epsom Salt Council

Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for many things.  I especially love using them in hair care treatments in the salon.  Not only are they known for their relaxing aromas, they are known to be powerful agents for healing, soothing, and energizing.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for things like offerings in religion, healing the body, and even day to day celebrations. The history of essential oils is truly amazing.    Today we use them for many of the same reasons.

Because of their strength, I do encourage people to use essential oils very carefully.  They do penetrate the body and system and can be very toxic of used incorrectly.  For any 4-6 ounce treatment or mixture, I learned over the years from experienced professionals never to use more than 6-12 drops of essential oils.   To that, I personally recommend no more than 3 blends of oils.  More than 3 can dilute your efforts, the fragrance, and perhaps the results.  It's the same in hair color formulations.  Any more…

Hair Styling on a Sunday!

Sundays hold so many different meanings for so many different people.  For some it's the routine of church or worship, for others it's a true "day of rest" with family, friends, or perhaps taking in a matinee.  And for others still, it's a day of staying in their PJs and watching movies and ordering take out.  All sound like great options to me.

"But what about my beauty routine?"  You may ask. 

This might just be a great day to give it a rest, allow your hair & skin time to breathe and detox a little, without too much fuss.  There's always a baseball cap and a pair of shades if you're too concerned, but think of it as a spa day for your hair or skin.  Just like we enjoy the occasional massage or day off from work, our hair & skin also enjoy the same and actually need it.  We are too often focused on how much we can put on or what we need to add to get certain results.  The layering of products can cause build up over time and it's …