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Styling Tools

I'm often asked what some of my favorite styling tools are and why.  But in the salon I do have one staple that I simply can't live without and it's my styling comb.  While I don't recommend combing for everyday use, they are often good for classic styling if you want to so something fun yourself and they are great for parting, sectioning, and even using to apply conditioning treatments to run through your hair (wide tooth combs work great for that).  But my favorite comb of all time is a carbon comb from BW Boyd.  It's a larger comb and glides effortlessly through hair as I'm working and it's anti-static as well. 

Remember to use a larger paddle brush for detangling first, and then use your comb to section, part, or style as needed.  Combs work best for shorter hair types when styling and brushes are usually best for longer hair types to help avoid tangling.

Woman's World Magazine

I was recently featured in Woman's World Magazine discussing my favorite 5-6 favorite hair spray products and why I liked them.  While many didn't make "the cut" I still believe hairspray is a must for every on-the-go bag, car, travel kit, vanity, and kitchen cabinetry!

One that I chose was Paul Mitchell Volumizing Hairspray.  Hairspray is great for so many uses and I can never get enough.  On fine/limp hair, the right usage can turn lifeless hair into voluminous tresses that say "Come touch me!"  For overly oily hair, hairspray can turn excess build-up into hair that's playful, shapeable, and tolerable.   So I say pick it up, spray it on, and check back here for more  Hollywood beauty tips as well as Woman's World Magazine for frequent beauty tips and techniques from Billy Lowe and team.

Refer a Friend

Did you know that many salons have Refer-A-Friend offers?  

If you'd like to save on your next salon service, perhaps your salon offers Refer-A-Friend bonuses set up to reward you, the client, for referring your friends and family.  Any time a client refers someone new to me at the Billy Lowe hair salon, I offer $20 off their next visit for cut or color services.   This is a great way to save on salon services and often times the savings add up.  It's also a great way to let your salon professional know that you admire his or her work, and that you're happy to send new customers in.  By continuing to support your stylist or beauty professional through outstanding referrals, you strengthen the salon's business and the services and opportunities they are able to provide for you. So go ahead - refer a friend today, and save.

Hydrate this summer!

Keep your skin hydrated this summer whether you're at the beach or simply out for a fun day of sight seeing.

Evian misters are great and come in many sizes and are perfect for almost every occasion year round.  From small travel sizes to larger sizes you can easily keep on your vanity, keep Evian hydration misters with you at all times to keep skin hydrated, set your make-up, or simply as an afternoon pick-me-up if you are feeling tired or listless.

Fatigue often comes from dehydration and I believe we should stay hydrated inside and out.  So stock up and enjoy the cool and refreshing feel of a dash of water on the skin this season and all year long.

Celebrity make-up tip:  to set your make-up, simply apply and finish makeup and mist lightly an arm's length away.  Blot with a tissue and voila.  Thank you Evian for making such a great product.

Hair Disasters

What could be worse than going to a hair stylist and leaving with a do that looks more like a "don't!"

This was the case of a client sent to me by a reality television show.  The makeover expert told her "We are going to update your look and give it a more edgy look and feel."  The client was in horror when she left because of the hair disaster that had befallen on her by this "makeover expert."  

The production company sent me the show's makeover guest and asked if I could correct what went wrong on set.  The answer was a definite yes.  Anything could be better than the photo that you see above.

With careful time, beautiful hair color placement and blending of razored ends, we were able to work with her and give her a softer look that she loved and found much more acceptable.

We say that to give you a few words of encouragement in your beauty searches:
Be cautious of artists who are too charismatic about their "vision."  Sometimes it may…

Your beauty routine

"But I just don't have time in the mornings!"  You exclaim about your beauty routine.

I am personally the oldest of 9 children and I know from experience that nothing could be further from the truth.   You deserve that extra 5 minutes a day just for you and we can give you a few great tips on how to do just that and feel great running out the door.

Organize your beauty products at the bathroom shelf or vanity so they are easy to use and quick to find. Store away things you don't use every day (once-a-week treatments, razors, etc) to make your products quick and easy to find.Purchase only the beauty products you know you're going to use and avoid excess purchases and self prescribing.  If you are following your beauty expert's advice, this will be a lot easier and much more organized for you to do. Do what you can at night and save the rest for morning. Let the family/roommates know you'd like a few extra minutes and ask them to share morning responsibilit…

Curly hair styling tips

Yes it's true, it's very challenging for some hair types to hold curl while others can keep curl for days on end.  But what's a girl to do that wants the infamous California curl even for a few hours?  Well here are a few hot tips that will help you do just that.

I recommend styling hair with what we call "dirty hair" in the industry.  This means you shampood the day before, perhaps.  If your hair is too fine or oily, it may be best to shampoo right before styling, but the oil from yesterday's hair helps give density, which can be helpful when holding curl. It also coats the hair shaft and prevents fly-aways and static - which is what ultimately causes a curl to fall out. I love using hot rollers for this look.  Wrap hair around rollers section by section, directing the hair into the style or movement you want to see.  For example, if you want hair to move away from the face, direct the rollers accordingly.  Apply a light …

Hair Diversity

Hair comes in all textures.  Growing up it seems as if hair was the talk of every conversation.  My uncle was a barber in Georgia and my cousins were forever styling their hair.  My beautiful niece Berakah is certainly no exception to my family's beauty obsession.  With fine, super-curly hair, her mother spends countless hours detangling and styling her hair to avoid damage.

But with children it's often hard to keep hair in place because of their active schedules and lifestyles.  From playground activities to dancing and swimming, what's a parent to do to keep hair out of the way and healthy?

I spoke with my sister Sarah (Berakah's mom) who had some great tips.

"We spend hours on her hair."  Sarah said.  "It's a lot of work to keep it detangled and healthy.  We occasionally have it blown-out straight which she loves.   My biggest tip is to apply a light leave-in conditioner after bath time and brush through to detangle.   When her hair is dry or even…

Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide

Over the years I've had the honor of being featured and quoted in thousands of magazines, news articles and websites all around the world.  One of my favorites, however, is my friend Bonnie Krueger and her very popular Sophisticates Hairstylist Guide which can be found on stands everywhere you go.  A pioneer of everything beauty, Bonnie and Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide have been going strong for over 30 years bringing you celebrity beauty news and celebrity beauty tips and we expect countless more from this exciting team bringing you hair tips and techniques from salons all around the world.

Bonnie we'll see you again very soon and look forward to staying in touch with you. 

Pick up your issues of Salon Sophisticates Magazine which can be found at most department and grocery stores nationwide. 

Hair Color Tips

Often times I'm asked "Billy I'm going grey and I'm not sure which hair color I should be.   Would you suggest darker color or should I go lighter?"

My answer to that is - "I have several options for you!" 

If you are a greying client, be reminded that your regrowth will be more prominent if you go darker.  The contrast between light and dark is greater than light on light.  However, you may be more comfortable in darker shades, but you can still add a few highlights through the top which helps break-up the appearance of your regrowth.

If you decide to go lighter, which many people do, I recommend using a highlight effect all over because you'll blend the greys away subtly (as you see with my color client in this post), and the lightness off the greys will actually blend nicely into the blonding effect.  I have greying clients that only want highlights and no base color because they love the subtle effect and blending of the highlights into their nat…

Clarisonic Opal

Clarisonic Opal

Needless to say, one of my favorite products on the beauty market today is the Clarisonic Opal and it's a beauty product that many celebrities are using.   For the past 3 years I've had the honor of working with Clarisonic in promoting this great device at I-Spa (International Spa Expo). 

This year marks another exciting year for my journey with Clarisonic as we roll out yet another wonderful beauty event for guests and clients of the Clarisonic system. 

The Clarisonic Opal is a great skincare device that was created for the eye area to help penetrate eye serum, reduce dark circles and puffiness, stimulate circulation in the eye area, and it feels amazing.  For a sneak peek at the Clarisonic Opal, pleases visit  When you place your order, tell them Billy sent you.  We'll see you in Vegas this year in November.

ElevationZine - An online fashion magazine

Up and running is a hot and trendy blog by my dear friends at   For hot finds, beauty trends and who's wearing what - don't miss a single day of ElevationZine - a hot new online fashion magazine with lots of great content to come.

Color Processing Time

Dear Billy:   I love reading your blog and the weekly beauty tips you post and I hope you can give me some tips.  I'm not  really a "salon gal" and I hate sitting while my color processes.  The time just seems to drag when I'm there and I get so fidgety.  Can you share some tips on how to better pass the time when I visit the salon?  
Sheila - Charlotte, NC.

Dear Sheila:  Like you, many clients feel this way about the waiting game in the hair salon.  In fact, I've known many hair stylists to sit in the back and twiddle their thumbs whilst color is processing thinking "Would this day just hurry up - I have a hot date tonight."   I say that with a smile to let you know - you're not alone. The truth behind all of this is that many of us aren't comfortable being still, enjoying ourselves, and giving that time to ourselves just to relax and unwind. 

Color processing, rinsing and toning time can often seem to take forever.  Especially if you are preoc…

Scalp Treatments

I've always said "your skin doesn't stop at the hair line!"  Many people experience scalp issues and wonder why these show up.  From flaky scalp to itchiness, scalp concerns can be very problematic.   A doctor's first piece of advice is usually something horrific like "Use Head & Shoulders!"  But without understanding a client's skincare routine, hair care treatments, or daily rituals, how can shampoos or medicines be so easily prescribed? While some hair loss or scalp conditions are caused by medical concern, there are day-to-day needs that our scalp has that are just as important as the treatment we give our face and body.

My first question to a client is usually whether or not these symptoms show up anywhere else in the body and 9 times out of 10, they don't.  The simple point is that people do not take care of their scalp the way they may take care of their face.  Daily skincare routines often consist of cleaning, toning, exfoliating, t…

Best Hair Color Tips

I'd guess by now that the world knows what a hair color fan I am and that I think there's something for everyone in the world of hair color!  But once you have your hair colored, just how do you protect its integrity? 

Here are my top celebrity hair tips for protecting the integrity of color or chemically treated hair.

Avoid shampooing for 24-48 hours after color or chemical services.  This gives the cuticle time to re-bond and look/feel normal.  During hair color services the cuticle is opened to deposit color, then hair goes through shampoo and blow-drying and it's a lot of wear and tear on the hair.   So go easy for a couple of days just after your services. Be careful of tight ponytails.   Chemically treated hair can be fragile and tight ponytails can cause breakage at the gather area, as well as the front hair line. Use professionally prescribed salon products and do not self prescribe!  So many clients get lost in the shuffle and the allure of retail products and whil…

Hair Loss

Stay tuned for an exciting interview on hair loss, prevention, maintenance and treatments available for those who are challenged with hair loss.    This beauty topic is the concern of thousands of men and women around the world, and can be caused by stress, physical factors and heredity. 

We look forward to this thrilling interview and hope you are equally as excited.

Billy Lowe

Wedding Day Tips

Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of couples prepare to walk the aisle and say those famous words "I Do!"  But "do you" feel prepared for this day?  "Do you" feel comfortable with all the planning and execution of your day?  "Do you" have the right hair and make-up in place and "do you" have just the right seats assigned for all the people in your life? 

Never fear.   My friends at Bridal Showplace can help you out this year and beyond.  With countless shows throughout Southern California, there is truly something for everyone.  Even if you don't live in Southern California, their website is a wealth of information and resources from photographers, wedding planners, designers, and so much more!  Here is a schedule of the upcoming bridal expos happening this year with

Click a show date below for show information, tickets & coupons. August 14, 2011 | Long Beach
August 28, 2011 | Huntington…