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Lip Liner Tips

Remember the gorgeous pink lips in the 80's, with the charcoal black lip liner?   

Well only in some parts of town.   Nowadays, a subtle lip is really hot yet some lips still need a little definition.

To avoid overly lined looking lips, here are a few hot tips.

1.  Gently exfoliate lips using a soft head toothbrush and a gentle facial cleanser.  Gently is the keyword - and only for 10-15 seconds.  We also recommend using the Clarisonic facial cleanser for overall facial cleansing and exfoliation. 
2.  Apply moisture to lips (we recommend Burts Bees lip balm) and follow up with a light lip gloss or colored lip balm of your choice.
3.  AFTER color has been applied, line with a subtle liner (Baby Buff from Clinique works great) and reapply gloss as needed.

This will give you a subtle line, great definition, and seamless blending. Enjoy.

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