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Special Guest

??? Celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe will be interviewing a very special guest this coming week.   Stay tuned to to find out who it will be, and how you can be more beautiful than ever with her super amazing tips.

We look forward to bringing you our first real interview this coming week so stay tuned.  This and a lot more are happening in 2011!

In beauty,

The team of Billy Lowe

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Summer hydration

Simply put - stay hydrated this summer!   From summer sun to central air, moisture can be taken from us at every turn.  So here are a few quick tips for keeping moisture balance in the skin and air.

#1 - Apply moisturizer right after your shower or bath to help lock hydration in.
#2 - Keep a spray mister with you at all times and lightly mist if you feel dehydrated
#3 - Keep a pot of water by your bed if you do not have a humidifier.  Water evaporates and will be better than not having any in the air at all.  Though you won't notice a dramatic difference, it still helps.
#4 - DRINK LOTS OF WATER.    Don't overdo it, but remember to hydrate as needed.

Enjoy your summer.

Beauty travel must haves


This season, it's all about saving time, money and storage space!   Beauty on the run should be quick and easy.  

I believe everyone should have a grab-and-go bag!  It's as easy as stopping by the department store and buying a few sample sized bottles, labeling them, and filling them with your favorite beauty products at home.  For the frequent traveler, I recommend having a grab-and-go bag already prepared so that when you do travel, you don't have to think about what's in the bag, you already know.  

My top product must haves: 
1.  Hairspray - you just can't leave home without it!
2.  A small comb/mini-brush for styling on the go. 
3.  Cotton/Q-tips as bare necessities
4.  Moisturizer - perfect for every occasion!
5.  Mascara and lipgloss - must haves for every beauty bag
6.  The obvious such as toothbrush, toothpaste, personal items, etc

Make your travels quick and easy this summer by pre-packing everything you need into a small beauty or personals…

Spiral Perm Question

Dear Billy:    I want to get a spiral perm in my hair but I have recently colored my hair and was told I can not perm my hair with it colored.  Your suggestions? 

Dear Client:   Yes, you CAN perm your hair after color.   There are many solutions for you nowadays with chemical procedures and we have done beautiful work in the salon for clients who do want more movement in their hair.  Chemical companies have grown to realize that clients often enjoy (and need) more than one chemical procedure and are working closely in the labs to develop products and formulas that are safe for chemically processed hair.  Here are my top recommendations on this, however.

#1 - Work with a stylist who KNOWS chemicals, and who does his or her homework on chemical procedures, ingredients, and safety.
#2 - I recommend waiting 3-5 days in between these 2 services.
#3 -Depending on the color desired,  I would apply the perm first.   If you apply color and then perm your hair, the color will fade quickly.

As a…

Bridal Makeover Party

What's more fun than trying on dresses and rings? 

"Well, nothing really!" you might say.  But a fun weekend with all the (girl)friends and a fabulous make-over party might just come close.  Before you walk down the aisle, spend some time with your BFFs and schedule a weekend makeover party.  Whether you're painting one another's nails or calling in the professionals (we certainly recommend this for your hair), it's really a lot of fun to plan a makeover weekend for the bridal party and perhaps the moms.

Here's the LOWE DOWN on a fabulous makeover weekend for the bride and her friends.

Friday Night:  The get-together.  Plan a relaxing evening with light bites, toasts of merriment, and perhaps a fun movie or games.   This gets everyone reacquainted, gives time to set up accommodations, and allows travelers time to relax and unwind. 

Saturday:  The day of fun and beauty.  Start with a pamering mani/pedi to set the day off right.  Then it's off to your fa…

Salon Consultations

One of the most important elements of any salon visit is the salon consultation.  Taking time with your beauty professional, whether it's cut, color, waxing or nails, is very helpful to you and the professional in getting exactly what you want from your visit.  So many clients arrive at the top of the hour for their appointment with no time to spare for communication, new ideas, or feedback.  But in addition to adding a few minutes to your appointment by arriving early, how is one to communicate with the salon professional in order to make the most of the experience? 

First of all, I say bring tear sheets. I know many stylists disagree, but I think it's a great way to reduce any room for error.  Not only is it good for you to describe what you want in cut or color, it's also good that you have a visual for what you are looking for.   If a client says "short" that can mean 20 different things.  But if I see a visual of her (or his) version of short, then I have a…

Salon Appointments

It may not be on everyone's mind, but your salon appointment is still one of the most important events to calendar!

For many years, a large number of my clients have booked their salon appointments out for the entire year.  We look at their last year's schedule, and make a plan for the coming year.  I usually do this around October and November each year for the upcoming year.  But in a city like Los Angeles, where we barely commit to dinner with friends, how in the world are we supposed to commit to a salon appointment a year in advance, or even 4 weeks in advance? 

"But I don't know where I'm going to be."  You say.  

Too often we make excuses for why we should not do something - when in fact it could perhaps be the best thing for us in honoring ourselves with a little relaxation and pamper time.  Most of us work pretty routine jobs, and have pretty routine lives, and unless we are sick or get called out, we pretty much do know our schedules.  So I say - p…

Hair care in a tough economy!

Let's face it.    We are in some interesting economic times and people are cutting corners at every turn.

While we'd like to think that the salon industry is exempt because people do need to have their hair cut, clients everywhere are looking for ways to space out their services, make the color last a little longer, or perhaps the dreaded D.I.Y. syndrome (Do It Yourself).

One of the biggest risks that people take when they try to cut or color themselves is making a big "uh-oh" that will end  up costing a fortune to correct. Color correction is very expensive in time and dollars.  The ten dollar box of hair color at the store can end up costing $200 or $300 to correct if the color goes bad.   And most likely it will.   Your salon professional is trained in how to apply color, how to match previous color, how to analyze desired outcomes and contributing pigment of your hair, and color placement.   All of these things are taken into account when it comes to applying hai…

SIZZLE - A new romance novel!

This season I am SUPER excited about a hot new romance novel being released by a dear friend and client Sheridan Kesselman!  Best known for her work as a marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles and abroad, Sheridan's passion for writing and communication storms the pages of what's sure to be a must-have for every bedside.  

Don't wait, become a fan today on Sheridan's SIZZLE FAN PAGE on Facebook.    We're hot with excitement, and we're steaming with anticipation to get our hands on Sheridan's..............BOOK!

In beauty,

Billy Lowe

Salon Services At Home

Often times, clients' schedules are such that they prefer to have some salon services provided in-home.   These might include blow-outs, massage therapy, nails, waxing, etc.   While cut and color is a bit more challenging to do in the home unless the client has a built-in salon area, having basic services in the home are indeed a luxury and a convenience.

If you are in need of professional salon services in the home, many salons have in-home programs, and stylists on call for services as such.   There may be an additional fee for travel, mileage or gas, but when it comes to avoiding traffic, saving yourself a little time, and paying a little more for the convenience, in-home salon services might be just for you.  

Additional fees that might be considered for in-home salon services: 
1.  $15-$20 for a travel fee
2.  Some beauty professionals charge double the service fee for in-home
3.  It is not uncommon for many salons or stylists to bill by the hour for in-home services with a 2 …

The Bachelor Makeover

The perfect make-over FOR HIM!
How do you tell your man there are 3 hairs coming out of his nose?  Or that he should open the car door for you?  Or maybe that his uni-brow is getting too "uni"? 

Perhaps a make-over day with Billy Lowe would do the trick.   From day-in day-out grooming tips to the total shopping experience, celebrity hair stylist & beauty expert Billy Lowe can help your man be seen on the town without causing a "scene on the town."

There's nothing worse than being seen in public with "him" or "that guy"  or "yeah that's my husband."    You want to be proud of your guy.  You want to know that he flosses his teeth or knows when to cuff his pants, or simply when to wear socks or not with his shoes.  Or, perhaps, when to get rid of unwanted hairs that show up here and there!

Book a makeover experience with your sweetheart with Billy Lowe for the proud woman you are, or the proud man you want to be.    Billy Lowe …

Fashion Shows and Everything Beauty

While fashion and runway spectaculars are yards and yards of fabric and runway, we often forget their causes and the work that goes into them.  

Last year I had the honor of working with at the Stone Rose Lounge here in Los Angeles with celebrities like Leah Ashley and Gretchen Bonaduce for a fundraiser event to benefit health and wellness of animals and environment. 

With a message to "keep wildlife in the wild" believes their "mission is to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife — including highly endangered species — in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally."

For more photos of this spectacular event and the sponsors who contributed, please visit

Photobook Promotion from Groupon

I couldn't help resist posting today's promotion from Groupon!!!    A photo book for $35!   Check out the link and get yours today.

Hair Cut Disasters

Have you ever cut your own hair and end up feeling like "a dummy?"
There's nothing worse than attempting to snip the bangs or add your own idea of facial framing, only to turn around and wonder how quickly you can find a salon open - at 8:45PM on Friday evening.

My thoughts:  NEVER DO IT YOURSELF. 

When you try to cut your own hair, your fingers are often in the way distorting your vision.  Your hands bend so you can see around them, and it's hard to cut looking at a reflection of what you're doing.  Stylists have a clear view of what they are doing and their steps are very guided and clear. 

My tip:   Trust your salon professional, plan ahead, and don't wait til the last minute to cut your hair or schedule your salon services.    And finally, NEVER walk into a salon based on an emotional response to something like a break-up.   You may just regret it in the morning.

The perfect curl

There's nothing better than that perfect Marilyn curl, loosely placed, and then shaken out.   

I love accidental hair, care-free hair, and hair that's a little tousled.  But be careful of overheating the hair during curl placement.   While it's true that "dirty hair" is great for California Curls, you can still get this look from start to finish. 

1.  Shampoo and style as usual.
2.  Apply a protective detangler, and a styling cream or serum, and blow-dry completely in normal manner.  I recommend using a metal round brush for smooth effects. My favorite are the Olivia Garden Thermal Round Brushes
3.  Rather than curling from ends to root, work the other way around.  It's best to start at the root area, and curl working down the hair shaft so you avoid overheating the ends. 
4.  To keep the curl pattern steady, wrap warm/finished curls around your fingers and clip to scalp area as you finish working the rest of the hair.  This allows cooling and setting time…