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Gluten Free Goodies

Gluten Free Finds. 
I have to be honest - I've never been that concerned with vegetarian this, gluten free that, or fat free the other.  I'm a sweet tea boy through and through.

But many people have moved toward vegetarianism, gluten and dairy free diets, and living in California, it's pretty hard to ignore. Lately, however, I've been a bit more open to the idea of gluten free/dairy free, and sensitivities to food preparation altogether. I've become even more tuned in to eating at home and preparing my own meals.  Two nights ago I was ordering small bites at a restaurant which, when delivered, were passed through a crowd of 500 people from the kitchen to me, and I can't imagine how many coughs or sneezes adorned my plates before I actually partook. I'd much rather have eaten at home.  

Today while strolling down the Pampers aisle (not that I have kids but it was the next turn so I took it), I noticed the cereal across the way.   Interesting placement of re…

Salon Coaching

If you are a salon or day-spa and you're looking to motivate your team, grow your business, or enhance customer service levels for your business, Billy Lowe salon coaching opportunities will help you do just that.

Tailored to your individual needs, workshops will focus on topics suited for your salon or day spa including customer service issues, achieving sales goals, sharing -  not selling, maximizing productivity, and so much more. 

Billy Lowe is available for single day events up to week long events to help motivate your team to success.  We look forward to sharing more information with you and learning more about your salon or day spa very soon.

Your team will learn to:
Understand and be comfortable with overall sales objectivesLearn how to meet and exceed sales objectivesUnderstand time management and hourly or daily productivityNetwork their own business to maximize successStrengthen inter-personal relationships within the salonCollaborate effectively with colleagues to max…

Ellington Handbags

4th of July Sale!!!
My friends at Ellington have done it again.    The Joni purse is not only a hot one, but it's on sale this weekend.     Visit and save 20% on all orders when you use code SUN20. 

Great job on the summer selection, light bags and totes, and everything else under the sun that you can imagine.  The service is wonderful, and having used my Ellington Daybag for over a year now, I can tell you for sure they hold up very well!

Take advantage of these great deals this holiday with my friends at Ellington Handbags.

Fireworks and Hair Color

This 4th of July (and every holiday hereafter) make sure your colorist knows his craft.   

I can't tell you how many times I see gaps in color, misplaced highlights, poor base color selections, and color that fades out into nothing less than disaster!

You'll know you're working with a great colorist when they listen to what you want, but offer suggestions on keeping color balance,  not straying too far from your own natural color, work carefully throughout the color process, and are able to fully educate you on the hair color experience.  Be sure to let your stylist know what your previous color experience has been, give him/her the full scoop, so there aren't any missing pieces. 

Here's what a stylist has to consider when coloring your hair!
1.  Is there previous color
2.  How often you color your hair
3.  Did you do it yourself
4.  What is the desired outcome
5.  Is there grey-coverage to consider
6.  How much time is a client willing to come in for touch-ups


Good friends, fabulous venues!


There's nothing more fun than a great evening out with good company at a fabulous location.  On Tuesday evening I was invited by my good friend (and amazing floral designer) Doyle from to attend a network event honoring some fabulous party designers and planners.  Who else would we run into than the fabulous Carol Rosen herself from Party Designs by Carol!

The evening was full of great fun, light bites, wonderful music and entertainment and of course some great hand-shaking.  But when it comes to fabulous events and great flowers, these two friends are cream of the crop and I'm delighted to know them.  

Doyle Borden -

Party Designs by Carol -

Until next time, keep good company and get out and about.  You just never know who you might run into!

Billy Lowe

Summer of Colour continues in ATLANTA!

Georgia's own midtown native continues his Summer of Color tour on the road to Atlanta, GA. 

This year has been very exciting with 10-15 cities on schedule and a beautiful color windstorm left behind.  We are working on our Atlanta, Ga schedule for the next couple of weeks and will be seeing you there August 2 through 6, 2011.  More details will follow but we are very excited about our 5th visit to the east coast on this schedule, and especially thoughts of returning "home" for a few days. 

This exciting tour brings Billy Lowe into salons across the country offering red carpet color to clients everywhere.  Want that perfect brunette shade?  Looking to get rid of those brassy highlights or perfect your overall color?   This is the event NOT to be missed. 


For more information or to pre-book your appointment with Billy Lowe for his Summer of Color tour, please contact us via the following:

Email:   billylowe310@aol.…

Deep Conditioning Mask

Did you know you can make your own deep conditioning mask at home?  
This simple and easy at-home treatment will leave hair looking and feeling silky smooth, healthy and shiny.

Simply shampoo as normal.  I often recommend 2 shampoos; one for taking off the day, and a second one for clarity. 

Using your professionally recommended conditioner for your hair type, add a small amount of shea butter to your conditioner, as well as a drop of Vitamin E oil or Jojoba oil.  Start at the ends and apply throughout, working your way back up to the scalp.  If you have a drier scalp, I recommend massaging a little bit of the treatment into that area as well for moisture and deep hydration.

Wrap a warm wet towel around your head and let that sit for 5-10 minutes.   Rinse thoroughly and style as normal.

My Flower Guy

When it comes to weddings, special events, and parties, I love the work of my friend Doyle Borden of MYFLOWERGUY.COM.

Doyle has provided flowers and arrangements for a number of my studio days and events and I can't say enough great things about his eye for creativity. Doyle - great work, I adore your vision and look forward to working with you more this year and beyond.

Summertime hair - Quick and Easy

KCAL News - Los Angeles.
Featured June 2011

If you're looking for quick and easy hair styles for summer, the classic ponytail will get you from a day at the park to an evening on Park Avenue.