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Avoid bad hair color and highlights

A few warning signs that your highlights or hair color might be headed in a BAD BAD direction. 
Poorly folded and sloppy looking foils.  Without careful folding and sealing, color can leak from the sides and bleed onto the scalp causing irritation and color mishaps. Chunky application.  Unless you're going for that "chunky" look, highlights should be seamless.  Fine weaving alaways works best for coverage, blending and overall results.  Sloppy color application.  If your stylist's color is dripping from the brush or running during the application process - be wary.   The results may be careless. Too much time to apply color.  If your stylist is fumbling through the application or takes too long for even a partial highlight application, try working with a more seasoned professional. Too much time under the dryer.   Most highlights process within 10-15 minutes after completion of application.  If you are left under a dryer for 20, 30, or 45 minutes, you are likely to e…