Friday, September 02, 2011

Vince Camuto Eau de Parfum

The word is out, the launch is on! is all over this one.  The sexy shoe designer coveted by Katie Holmes (and shhh!! Rihanna even gives up her Louboutins for this one!),  Vince Camuto proudly launches his first fragrance.  This gorgeous bottle gives us a contemporary, sophisticated feel yet the fragrance never fails to be feminine. As this alluring essence opens, every man in sight finds his senses deliciously teased with the delicate blossoms of a rare Chinese flower, the nectar of Osmanthus. Then the rich essence of Bulgarian white rose surfaces.  He's a goner - ALMOST! Intrigued enough to stick around, the leather notes begin to surface - a hot counterpoint to the cool floral of night blossoming jasmine. Coming closer now, lured in by the familiarity of vanilla, mesmerized by patchouli, hot Brazilian amber...then comes the final hook: leathery musk. Roll credits. End of story. She got her man...And her man got...Stay tuned. Vince Camuto for MEN is coming in 2012.

The First Fragrance from Vince Camuto is available in a fabulously chic glass flacon adorned with the classic crest that is the signature of the Camuto fashion house.   $60 and up at and Vince Camuto boutiques will be popping up here, there and everywhere this Fall.
Mandy Gibbens
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