Friday, September 02, 2011

Bridal Hair - Wedding Day

A Billy Lowe hair/make-up wedding
Though summer is almost over, back to school isn't the only thing on peoples' minds for fall.  It's true - many weddings take place in the fall, one of the most beautiful times of year.  From themed weddings to more classic engagements, weddings in the fall are perhaps some of the most romantic ever.

When it comes to wedding day beauty, however, I suggest planning well in advance (a year in fact) especially when it comes to your hair & make-up.  Here's what it looks like.

1.  Avoid last minute appointments with a hair stylist or make-up artist simply to avoid any last minute uh-ohs.
2.  Start planning your cut & color a year in advance (unless you've made the decision to marry a week from now) especially if you have longer hair.  Keeping hair looking the most consistent for the longest period of time is a great way to be sure hair looks its best on your wedding day. 
3.  At 6 months prior to your wedding, start looking at products and tools you should be focusing on for day-to-day styling.  Be sure you are on a great skincare ritual and that you're paying close attention to diet and exercise.  Last minute crash diets are certainly not helpful (nor healthy) before trying to slip into a dress.
4.  At 3 months prior, hair color and overall cut should be fairly finalized and it's upkeep from here. If you are planning to make a last minute stylist change, this is the time to do it and do not delay!
5.  At 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding is the perfect time to have that last cut & style/color application so hair doesn't look too over-processed for the wedding day.  It also gives hair time to grow in and soften. 

Finally, do your homework.  Attend bridal shows, make inspiration or look-books for yourself, gather ideas from friends and family (but remember the day is yours).  Most of all - have fun.   The most consistent you are with your hair & beauty services prior to your wedding, the better your outcomes will be on your wedding day. 

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