Friday, August 05, 2011

Your beauty routine

"But I just don't have time in the mornings!"  You exclaim about your beauty routine.

I am personally the oldest of 9 children and I know from experience that nothing could be further from the truth.   You deserve that extra 5 minutes a day just for you and we can give you a few great tips on how to do just that and feel great running out the door.

  1. Organize your beauty products at the bathroom shelf or vanity so they are easy to use and quick to find. 
  2. Store away things you don't use every day (once-a-week treatments, razors, etc) to make your products quick and easy to find.
  3. Purchase only the beauty products you know you're going to use and avoid excess purchases and self prescribing.  If you are following your beauty expert's advice, this will be a lot easier and much more organized for you to do. 
  4. Do what you can at night and save the rest for morning. 
  5. Let the family/roommates know you'd like a few extra minutes and ask them to share morning responsibilities such as packing lunches and gathering rain coats so that you can have a few minutes to yourself.
Take good care of yourself this summer, and find a few extra minutes just for you.    You'll feel great, and you'll be glad you did. 

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