Woman's World Magazine

I was recently featured in Woman's World Magazine discussing my favorite 5-6 favorite hair spray products and why I liked them.  While many didn't make "the cut" I still believe hairspray is a must for every on-the-go bag, car, travel kit, vanity, and kitchen cabinetry!

One that I chose was Paul Mitchell Volumizing Hairspray.  Hairspray is great for so many uses and I can never get enough.  On fine/limp hair, the right usage can turn lifeless hair into voluminous tresses that say "Come touch me!"  For overly oily hair, hairspray can turn excess build-up into hair that's playful, shapeable, and tolerable.   So I say pick it up, spray it on, and check back here for more  Hollywood beauty tips as well as Woman's World Magazine for frequent beauty tips and techniques from Billy Lowe and team.


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