Toss it!

If you're going through your closet and see products that have been there a while, or perhaps you still believe you'll use "someday,"  chances are they need to be pitched.  We are creatures of habit and generally use the same things over and over.  But when it comes to a tube of two year old mascara, or a bottle of body lotion that might be just as old, for safety and sanitation purposes, I say toss them.  Many people hold on to their products for much too long.  Once a product is opened, the countdown begins.  I especially recommend disposing of old products that are used around the eye and lip area, I suggest disposing of these every 2-3months (if they even last that long). Enjoy your day. 

Mirabella makeup - part of Billy Lowe's beauty bag.

Photo courtesy of Dore Medere - for Billy Lowe


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