This just in - Pearl Technology

Billy Lowe ALWAYS has the beauty scoop on hot new products, trends and finds.   This great new product information just came in to our beauty team over the weekend and we are super excited to tell you about it.  We also heard that this product is great for hangovers and jet lag.  Read on. 
Here's' what the TheraPearl team told beauty members at 

"TheraPearl’s new Eye-ssential mask is a Beauty Game Changer!  Based on the concept of frozen peas, TheraPearl uses Pearl Technology™ to provide hot AND cold relief to all beauty woes."  WE LOVE IT!

"Created by Dr. Carol Balthazar, a physician specializing in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, the pearls inside the eyemask mold and contour to your eyes and cheeks to offer pain, swelling and bruising relief.  Each mask is completely non-toxic and reusable and can go right from the freezer to the microwave for instant beauty relief!  In addition to providing effective pain relief for beauty treatments (pricks, plucks and waxing!) and cosmetic surgery, the technology is also ideal for treating sprains, muscle soreness, migraines and everyday aches and pains."

Doctor B we are excited to share this product with our readers and fans and we'll keep 2 or 3 in the refrigerator just in case.  


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