Saturday, August 06, 2011

Styling Tools

I'm often asked what some of my favorite styling tools are and why.  But in the salon I do have one staple that I simply can't live without and it's my styling comb.  While I don't recommend combing for everyday use, they are often good for classic styling if you want to so something fun yourself and they are great for parting, sectioning, and even using to apply conditioning treatments to run through your hair (wide tooth combs work great for that).  But my favorite comb of all time is a carbon comb from BW Boyd.  It's a larger comb and glides effortlessly through hair as I'm working and it's anti-static as well. 

Remember to use a larger paddle brush for detangling first, and then use your comb to section, part, or style as needed.  Combs work best for shorter hair types when styling and brushes are usually best for longer hair types to help avoid tangling. 

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