Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Scalp Treatments

I've always said "your skin doesn't stop at the hair line!"  Many people experience scalp issues and wonder why these show up.  From flaky scalp to itchiness, scalp concerns can be very problematic.   A doctor's first piece of advice is usually something horrific like "Use Head & Shoulders!"  But without understanding a client's skincare routine, hair care treatments, or daily rituals, how can shampoos or medicines be so easily prescribed? While some hair loss or scalp conditions are caused by medical concern, there are day-to-day needs that our scalp has that are just as important as the treatment we give our face and body.

My first question to a client is usually whether or not these symptoms show up anywhere else in the body and 9 times out of 10, they don't.  The simple point is that people do not take care of their scalp the way they may take care of their face.  Daily skincare routines often consist of cleaning, toning, exfoliating, treatments of some kind, and then moisturizers and sunscreens.   Our scalp hardly receives half the attention or care.  Knowing that our scalp is also part of our skin, why would we neglect this part of the body, and then wonder why we have hair issues, fall-out, or flaky scalp concerns?

Here are my top tips for treating the scalp and the benefits you'll receive when you do. 

1.  When you shampoo, give yourself a stimulating scalp treatment by working side to side across the top, and up and down in the back for 1-2 minutes.  Massage stimulates circulation and helps detox, and it feels great.   So go for it.
2.  Condition using a minty conditioner, or perhaps a soothing chamomile treatment.   Leave on for 2-3 minutes to help moisturize the scalp area.
3.  Once a week, apply a light moisturizer (just a dime sized amount) to scalp working through the hair to moisturize your skin at the scalp area.  If you're worried about style, throw on a hat and you're on your way.  Or perhaps this is something you can do on a day off when you have nothing else to do but pamper yourself.
4.  Ask your salon professional for scalp treatments when you visit the salon to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Your scalp needs the same TLC that your "skin" does.  And you'll feel a lot better doing it.

In beauty,

Billy Lowe

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