Salon Retail

So you're wrapping up your salon appointment, standing in front of the retail self with that puzzled look on your face asking yourself "How many hair products am I supposed to take?"  You start reading the labels and it could be Greek for all you know because nothing seems to make sense.   Extra this, super hydrating that, no sulfate the other, shea butter concentrate, and on and on it goes.

The easiest recommendation I can make is to take 3 products and add more later if needed.  I always recommend a shampoo, a conditioner, and one styling product of your choice.  If that doesn't include hairspray, then add on a hairspray and 4 items is a great start to the retail experience.  Most of my readers know what a hairspray fan I am and that it's great for nearly every hair style tip imaginable.  But starting with the basics (shampoo and conditioner) gets you off to a good start and it's the foundation for healthy shiny hair.  A supplemental styling product might be a styling cream, volumizing mousse, texture wax and of course, a finishing hairspray.  Make it simple, and ask your salon professional which products you should take.  Starting with shampoo & conditioner really makes the rest a breeze.   You just have 1 product to pick out really and you're off with a great 3 (or 4) piece set for salon results at home.


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