Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Salon Ratings Online

When searching for salons, how you do work through the countless rants and raves online to really decide who is the best? What about all those outstanding reviews.  Are they really true?  What about that horrible review that someone else left?  Is that true? 

I was reading an article recently in a business magazine and it became increasingly clear to me that, unfortunately, there is hardly any censorship online of what gets posted. One wrong turn and a single person can take off on an entire campaign against a business leading to lost sales, damage to reputation, and so much more.  Many of these cases happen because of lack of understanding, and even lack of accountability or responsibility on a client's part. For example, if a client is 15-20 minutes late, the salon may not have time to see that client due to the delays and often times has to turn a client away.  If this client is a new-comer to the business, she or he may not understand salon practices and become offended and write negatively charged reviews online about this experience.   Chances are, the salon and stylist want to work with every client that comes through the door but there are some situations that simply need great care and attention on everyone's part such as staying on time, client education, policies and procedures, etc.  Conversely, there are often superior reviews online and praise about above and beyond experiences that occur in the salon.  While these are two very extreme situations, which one is the real story? 

Chances are the very best and the very worst experiences aren't typical of every day business.  The overall feel of online ratings is that you take off the top one or two "best" ratings, as well as the bottom "worst" ratings, and what you're left with in the middle is the general consensus of the salon (or other business).  This is the bell curve theory or the "fat in the middle" if you will.  So when you're reading and it sounds like the salon hands you the moon, or there's that one review that makes it sound as if the business should be closed for good, take another look.  Spend a little more time researching the company history, look at their website, and read a few more reviews before making a decision based on best or worst experiences.

We hope you find the salon and beauty professional that's just right for all your beauty needs. 

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