Root Lift

How to get volume in your hair.
Looking for a little volume and not quite sure how to pump it up?  The key to this is a product called root-lift.  Each manufacturer may call it something different but that's the idea of it.  There are a number of other names for this product such as root-boost, root-volume, root-lift, etc.

The purpose of a root lift product is to give volume and lift at the root area to prevent hair from looking or becoming flat throughout the day.  I recommend speaking to your hair stylist or salon professional to see which products or brands might be right for you.  These root lift products come in a variety of sizes and price points so there's definitely something for everyone. 

How to use: 
  1. Shampoo & condition as normal (use lighter amounts of conditioner at root area when more volume is needed.  
  2. Towel dry and apply root-lift at the root area massaging throughout. 
  3. Apply other styling products as needed through the ends of the hair to protect against thermal styling, to give volume, shine, or whatever look you may be going for. 
  4. Direct air flow from hair dryer at the root area as you lift hair to dry.  
  5. Finish styling in desired manner and finish with a light hold hair spray (or firm hold if needed), as recommended by your salon professional.  
These techniques are simple for everyone to use at home and give great results.   Have fun and pump it up.

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