Monday, August 15, 2011

The right way to brush your hair

Hair by Billy Lowe
Is there a right or wrong way to brush your hair?  Does it really make a difference in the health or feel of the hair?  Let's dish.

When brushing your hair, I always recommend starting with the right tools.  Just like an artist, calligrapher, or photographer has certain tools he enjoys working with, the same holds true for the art of hair.  When it comes to general brushing throughout the day (such as detangling or styling) I always recommend using a vent brush, or a paddle brushDenman makes an amazing assortment of these types of brushes and are all available online or at your local hair salon.  Large paddle brushes are great for detangling because of the cushioned base which gives flexibility as you move through the hair.  Here are a few great beauty tips when brushing.

  1. Never start at the scalp area.  If your hair is tangled, you'll only create more wear and tear as you're brushing  through your hair.   Hair should be brushed from the ends first, working out the tangled pieces, and then moving up to the scalp area gradually.  
  2. Use a detangling spray or mist on wet hair if needed.  This helps brushes glide through hair more easily.
  3. If you are experiencing static, spray your brush with an anti-static spray, or stroke hair with an anti-static sheet to help calm and soothe hair. 
  4. Go easy on the scalp area.  I recommend light massaging of the scalp with your hair brush but don't overdo it.  
  5. Avoid boar or nylon bristle brushes for detangling especially if the hair is wet.  These are good, however, for the "100 strokes a day" brushing that your mother used to tell you about.  These brushes help bring healthy oils from scalp area down through to the ends to condition ends of the hair.  
BEAUTY TIP:  Always consult with your hair stylist or salon professional about which products and tools you should be using. If the salon doesn't carry the supplies or tools you need, suggest an add-on to inventory.  Chances are, more clients would buy these products as well if the salon carried them and it might be helpful to the salon as well. 

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