Pets in the salon?

My dog Panda - Winter 2010
Everyone knows what a pet lover I am and how ga-ga I become over my own dog Panda.  But as to having pets in the salon, not only is it against the rules of most Bureaus of Barbering and Cosmetology, it can be an extreme distraction to your salon professional, and other clients in the who may not be as pet-friendly.  Animals can also pose a safety risk to your salon professional through potential tripping, or accidents with scissors.

For the most part, clients come to enjoy their relaxing time at the shampoo area, the ambiance of the salon, and general conversation with their friends or salon professional.  For others it's a place of quiet retreat. The last thing they want to hear is a barking dog or continued Shhhh-ing.  Additionally, some pets can become nervous in public places leading to restlessness and running around.  My suggestion here - leave the pets at home where they are safe and in good care.  They'll be waiting anxiously for you to get home with your new do. 


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