Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Over Processed Hair - OUCH!

Despite fair warnings of "I don't recommend that for your hair,"  some clients insist on a certain look and insist that it's great for them when it might not be.  We see photos of celebrities and the glamor shots taken, but we don't see the hours upon hours of preparation, set up, styling, stage setting, air brushing, and the thousands of shots it takes just to get that one "magazine perfect" shot.

Simply put, your hair can only take so much before it breaks or becomes extremely brittle.  Over processed hair looks dry, becomes more sparse, and the ends look very frayed and worn.  Though we see celebrities with different hair color from season to season, we don't see them during the transition.  They may be brunette on one magazine cover, and blonde on the next.  But what most readers don't know is that photo shoots aren't always shot in succession.  They can often be months apart, giving hair time to recover or gradually move into another shade.

BEAUTY TIP:  Don't overdo it.  If you are brunette and want to be blonde, take baby steps.  A few highlights today will make all the difference in your hair color and you'll gradually get there, without stripping your hair altogether.
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