Nighttime Hair Care

It's 11p.m., you've had an exhausting day, and the only thing you'd like to do is fall face down into a bed of pillows and let the world go by.  Not so fast little Dollie - there's still a few things to do and remember before bedtime with regard to your beauty routine at night.  You want to look your best for Prince Charming should you see him in your dreams!

Many people are restless sleepers and toss and turn throughout the night.  In the morning their hair looks more like something from a horror movie than any fabric that's shapeable the next day. Others, too, have interesting patterns at night falling asleep with their glasses on while reading a book, using earphones and music to sleep to, or the infamous falling asleep with chewing gum and trying to find some age-old remedy to get it out of your hair the next day.  Take care of your hair.

Here are a few great bedtime No-No's, and things to remember that might help. 
  1. If you have long hair, braid before bedtime to prevent tangling in the night. 
  2. Dispose of chewing gum before bedtime. 
  3. Do not use ear phones when you fall asleep as they can become tangled in your hair throughout the night. 
  4. If your eye-wear has plastic or rubber nose pads, avoid pulling them back over your head.  Hair can get caught in the metal of the nose pieces and the pulling can be quite uncomfortable. 
  5. Try not to fall asleep with books, pens or pencils nearby.  Also avoid falling asleep wearing eye-wear. 
  6. Satin pillow cases have often been recommended to prevent static and hair damage
  7. Avoid caking on conditioning oils and treatments to your hair before bedtime. Oils discolor your bedding and it is next to impossible to remove these stains once they set.Check with your hair stylist before applying at-home treatments to your hair.
  8. Be careful of the corners of your furniture beside the bed or other objects that might pull your hair. 
While these are only just a few, I'm sure there are hundreds of other frightening mishaps that have occurred down through time.  All in all - take care of your hair before bedtime.  You'll be glad you did in the morning.


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