Friday, August 19, 2011

Magazine Hair Color

Ink and paper tell so many stories.  Their words can take us around the world and back without our having to leave a chair and their photos help us see things we may never have seen before.  What can be even more tricky is looking at hair color in a magazine.  What most readers don't realize is that it sometimes takes thousands of shots, hours of set-up, the perfect lighting, and the skillful eye of a photographer to capture that one perfect shot that makes it into the pages of a magazine.
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Remember when you're looking at magazines that you're looking at ink and paper, the perfect lighting, the perfect back-drop, and possibly a few touch-ups.  And while nowadays most photos are true-to-tone, color results are not always "picture perfect."  Be sure to take your time when discussing your color preferences with your hair stylist or beauty professional.  A few extra minutes for the hair consultation will help achieve the results you want that are worthy of the red carpet, whether you're a celebrity or not.

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