Friday, August 05, 2011

Hydrate this summer!

Keep your skin hydrated this summer whether you're at the beach or simply out for a fun day of sight seeing.

Evian misters are great and come in many sizes and are perfect for almost every occasion year round.  From small travel sizes to larger sizes you can easily keep on your vanity, keep Evian hydration misters with you at all times to keep skin hydrated, set your make-up, or simply as an afternoon pick-me-up if you are feeling tired or listless.

Fatigue often comes from dehydration and I believe we should stay hydrated inside and out.  So stock up and enjoy the cool and refreshing feel of a dash of water on the skin this season and all year long.

Celebrity make-up tip:  to set your make-up, simply apply and finish makeup and mist lightly an arm's length away.  Blot with a tissue and voila.  Thank you Evian for making such a great product.

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