Honey Miracles

Did you know that honey is quite the miracle ingredient?  In fact, honey can be used for so many things in addition to sweetening your tea.  Honey is often used in skincare products, hair care, topical treatments, detox blends and so much more.  But just what is it that makes this ancient sweetness so good for us?  And just what is it that allows honey such a long "shelf-life" without spoiling? 

In much of my research the answers seemed to be the same.  Because of its low water content, honey does not spoil.  Most microorganisms do not grow in honey for this very reason.  It's also best to keep honey out of the refrigerator so it will not crystalize (harden) as fast.  Honey will crystalize eventually, and still be usable  in its new form, but keeping honey out and at room temperature is best and slows down the crystalization process.

Here are a few benefits of honey that you may not have known about. 

  1. Its sweet taste is of course a benefit and adds great flavor to teas, toasts and tarts
  2. Helps energize the body and boost immune system
  3. A great remedy for ailments including arthritis pain, yeast infection, athlete's foot, sore throat
  4. Great for hangover because it is gentle on the stomach, and the sugar helps speed up the oxidation process of alcohol by the liver
  5. Great to add to your at-home conditioner as well for a leave-in moisture mask (Just a dime sized amount)
Needless to say, honey has many great benefits and it is something I use for so many beauty tips that I share.   So the next time you're visiting your favorite store, pick up a few bottles of honey.  You might just be inspired to try something new whether it's a recipe or a nice cup of tea.

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