Hair Styling on a Sunday!

Sundays hold so many different meanings for so many different people.  For some it's the routine of church or worship, for others it's a true "day of rest" with family, friends, or perhaps taking in a matinee.  And for others still, it's a day of staying in their PJs and watching movies and ordering take out.  All sound like great options to me.

"But what about my beauty routine?"  You may ask. 

This might just be a great day to give it a rest, allow your hair & skin time to breathe and detox a little, without too much fuss.  There's always a baseball cap and a pair of shades if you're too concerned, but think of it as a spa day for your hair or skin.  Just like we enjoy the occasional massage or day off from work, our hair & skin also enjoy the same and actually need it.  We are too often focused on how much we can put on or what we need to add to get certain results.  The layering of products can cause build up over time and it's days like Sundays that remind us to let go, relax and unwind.

Here are a few great hair tips for your Sunday.

  1. If it's a day of lounging and you have longer hair, use a braid to avoid lying on your hair and causing breakage or damage.
  2. For all hair types, I recommend using a therapeutic shampoo (recommended by your salon professional).  This may be a deep conditoning treatment for you, or perhaps it's something more stimulating based on your hair care needs.   Be sure to give a rigorous shampoo at the scalp area (avoid fingernails) to help detox scalp and exfoliate dead skin cells.  
  3. If you have dry scalp or flaking issues, shampoo again and be sure to get a rich lather through to the ends to help remove troubled skin area.  Lather helps provide slip which will help remove build up from scalp to ends.  It's not enough just to lather the ends or just to lather the scalp.  We need good slip from scalp to ends so our rinsing is more effective. 
  4. Apply a conditioner (again recommended by your hair salon professional) for your hair type and rinse well.  
  5. Apply 1 or 2 drops of mint or eucalyptus into a pearl sized amount of moisture cream and apply to scalp area.   Just like moisturizing our bodies after we shower, this will be great for the scalp and the mint cooling effect will feel great to the scalp. 
  6. Avoid heat or excess styling for the day, allow hair to air dry and go take on the day whatever you'll be doing. 
Enjoy these relaxing tips and have a wonderful Sunday.


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