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My niece having brunch with me in Atlanta.  Family time!
Hair comes in all textures.  Growing up it seems as if hair was the talk of every conversation.  My uncle was a barber in Georgia and my cousins were forever styling their hair.  My beautiful niece Berakah is certainly no exception to my family's beauty obsession.  With fine, super-curly hair, her mother spends countless hours detangling and styling her hair to avoid damage.

But with children it's often hard to keep hair in place because of their active schedules and lifestyles.  From playground activities to dancing and swimming, what's a parent to do to keep hair out of the way and healthy?

I spoke with my sister Sarah (Berakah's mom) who had some great tips.

"We spend hours on her hair."  Sarah said.  "It's a lot of work to keep it detangled and healthy.  We occasionally have it blown-out straight which she loves.   My biggest tip is to apply a light leave-in conditioner after bath time and brush through to detangle.   When her hair is dry or even before bedtime, I like to keep it in a braid to avoid nighttime tangling."

It seems many kids really dislike having their hair styled and to be seated  under a cape at the stylists station can be quite frightening.   My tip for children's styling is to let them help you during styling time.  Let them pick out products they like (combs, shampoos that smell good to them, etc) so they are familiar with them during bath or bedtime.  It will be much easier for you if this is in place before trying to style their hair.

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