Hair Disasters

The supposed makeover didn't turn out so well!
What could be worse than going to a hair stylist and leaving with a do that looks more like a "don't!"

This was the case of a client sent to me by a reality television show.  The makeover expert told her "We are going to update your look and give it a more edgy look and feel."  The client was in horror when she left because of the hair disaster that had befallen on her by this "makeover expert."  

The production company sent me the show's makeover guest and asked if I could correct what went wrong on set.  The answer was a definite yes.  Anything could be better than the photo that you see above.

With careful time, beautiful hair color placement and blending of razored ends, we were able to work with her and give her a softer look that she loved and found much more acceptable.

We say that to give you a few words of encouragement in your beauty searches:
  1. Be cautious of artists who are too charismatic about their "vision."  Sometimes it may not align with yours. 
  2. Be sure you aren't rushed in the salon chair and that you have plenty of time with your salon professionals, especially if it's a first time visit. 
  3. Arrive on time to ensure ample time for work and communication with your beauty expert
  4. Ask for referrals and go to a trusted salon or stylist in town that you know or have heard does great work. 
 Stay tuned for more top beauty tips from the team of Billy Lowe, and enjoy Laura's ending result and enjoy a sign of relief knowing the after results did in fact end up just fine. 

Color correction & cut - AFTER with Billy Lowe
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