Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hair Color

Color mixing, formulation and application are all very exact sciences.  So many times I see hair stylists applying color that has hardly been blended at all.  This can lead to color inconsistency, non-true color, and incomplete coverage.  So many times I hear people say "My hair stylist missed a spot!" and my first thought is "I wonder if the color was completely blended."
Billy Lowe mixes hair color to a perfect consistency!

If it's a service you are paying for, it's totally ok to peek over your stylists shoulder and make sure the hair color blend looks more like a pudding than lumpy muffin mix.  If it looks lumpy - then it's not blended well enough.  This will definitely help with the application process, ensure proper color coverage and a much more desirable outcome.    Our best to you and your color results this season.

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