Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Hair 2011

Bye-Bye-Bangs, hello long tresses.  Fall 2011 is sporting a hot revisited trend with hair becoming more of a one-length look again without the side-swept bang action.

More and more, Fall 2011 is looking more like something out of a Lady Gaga video with buttoned up attire and long flowing tresses.  One lengths are in, bangs are out.  This year look for a lot of center parting, no volume at the scalp area, and either straight tresses that are just below shoulder length, or loose tousled curl at the shoulder area.  Again, no volume at the root, full body curls or straight and polished through to the ends. It's a very "face framed" look with hair moving away from the forehead area.  This look creates height, gives face that long, lean appearance, and sports hair that says "I'm sexy - come touch me!"

BEAUTY TIP:  Ask your hair stylist to keep your length in the front, shorter layers, and soft cutting around the perimeter to achieve this hot look for Fall. 

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