Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for many things.  I especially love using them in hair care treatments in the salon.  Not only are they known for their relaxing aromas, they are known to be powerful agents for healing, soothing, and energizing.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for things like offerings in religion, healing the body, and even day to day celebrations. The history of essential oils is truly amazing.    Today we use them for many of the same reasons.

Because of their strength, I do encourage people to use essential oils very carefully.  They do penetrate the body and system and can be very toxic of used incorrectly.  For any 4-6 ounce treatment or mixture, I learned over the years from experienced professionals never to use more than 6-12 drops of essential oils.   To that, I personally recommend no more than 3 blends of oils.  More than 3 can dilute your efforts, the fragrance, and perhaps the results.  It's the same in hair color formulations.  Any more than 3 and you begin diluting the color and it can end up looking muddy.   Keep your focus simple.  If you're creating a relaxing mixture, lavendar and chamomile are 2 great oils to add into a bath, moisturizer or perhaps a massage.  For a stimulating treatment, perhaps 2-3 drops of mint and eucalyptus (a little goes a long way with these).

At-home treatments can be really fun to research and learn to apply.  Do your homework, and remember to respect the power that essential oils truly have over our bodies, and over our moods.  Relax, unwind, and enjoy your new journey in beauty with the healing elements of essential oils. 


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