Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Epsom Salt Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Nothing says beauty like a bath or body treatment.  And nothing has been around (or so it seems) as long as Epsom Salt.  My Grandmother used Epsom Salt for just about everything from laundry, to dishes and even gardening.  She said it was a true remedy that was good for just about everything. 

Today, even many celebrities are using Epsom Salt including Gwynneth Paltrow who blogged some time ago about one of her own celebrity beauty tips using Epsom Salt. 

One of my great hair tips for this is to apply a tablespoon of Epsom Salt into a 4 or 6 oz spray bottle, fill with warm water to dissolve the Epsom Salt, and mist through ends of hair for that beach textured feel.  Allow hair to air-dry or use a light speed and blow dry with your fingers.   You don't have to go to the beach to get that California beach look.  Just use Grandma's cure; a tablespoon of Epsom Salt.  For more information please visit the Epsom Salt Council

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