Curly hair styling tips

Billy Lowe styles hair for a fashion show

Yes it's true, it's very challenging for some hair types to hold curl while others can keep curl for days on end.  But what's a girl to do that wants the infamous California curl even for a few hours?  Well here are a few hot tips that will help you do just that.

  1. I recommend styling hair with what we call "dirty hair" in the industry.  This means you shampood the day before, perhaps.  If your hair is too fine or oily, it may be best to shampoo right before styling, but the oil from yesterday's hair helps give density, which can be helpful when holding curl. It also coats the hair shaft and prevents fly-aways and static - which is what ultimately causes a curl to fall out. 
  2. I love using hot rollers for this look.  Wrap hair around rollers section by section, directing the hair into the style or movement you want to see.  For example, if you want hair to move away from the face, direct the rollers accordingly.  Apply a light hold spray to strands during the rolling process, and mist lightly once all has been set. 
  3. Remove rollers and shake loose with fingers.   Apply a sea salt spray to hair or make your own with Epsom Salt by mixing 1tsp of Epsom Salt into a 6 or 8oz spray bottle.  Fill bottle with warm water and shake to blend.  Mist hair lightly with spray and scrunch through - allow to dry.  
  4. Tease hair lightly at the root area to lock in shape, and mist hair lightly through the ends with light hold spray again to save shape and movement.  
You can also achieve this look with a large barrel curling iron, and setting hair into barrel curls once shaped.  Allow to cool 10-15 minutes, and remove.  The result - silky smooth hair that has movement and long lasting bounce.


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