Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Color Processing Time

Dear Billy:   I love reading your blog and the weekly beauty tips you post and I hope you can give me some tips.  I'm not  really a "salon gal" and I hate sitting while my color processes.  The time just seems to drag when I'm there and I get so fidgety.  Can you share some tips on how to better pass the time when I visit the salon?  
Sheila - Charlotte, NC.

Dear Sheila:  Like you, many clients feel this way about the waiting game in the hair salon.  In fact, I've known many hair stylists to sit in the back and twiddle their thumbs whilst color is processing thinking "Would this day just hurry up - I have a hot date tonight."   I say that with a smile to let you know - you're not alone. The truth behind all of this is that many of us aren't comfortable being still, enjoying ourselves, and giving that time to ourselves just to relax and unwind. 

Color processing, rinsing and toning time can often seem to take forever.  Especially if you are preoccupied with other things or your never-ending to do list.  If you're like me, my brain processes countless bits of information and it's a wonder I don't cause smoke.  But go easy on yourself, enjoy the process, and take a few of these tips into the salon to help pass the time and ease the stress of sitting.
  • Engage in conversation with another client.  You just might make just make a new friend and salon buddy to book in conjunction with next time.
  • Bring a book.  Are you caught up on the 7 Harry Potter books by chance? 
  • How about a cross word puzzle or word search game? 
  • Online research?  Can you perhaps bring a laptop if the salon has WI-FI?
  • Are there items you need to organize that you might be able to do while you are sitting or any other activity you can bring along?  Recipe cards, knitting, daily tasks to be done, events to schedule for the week, conference calls?  
The list is simply endless and I'm sure your stylist wouldn't mind your trying to be productive while you sit and wait on your hair color to process.

Enjoy the visit, and enjoy the time away.  Learn to relax and enjoy an hour or two with just you! You deserve it!!! 

In beauty,

Billy Lowe

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