Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Before and After - Makeovers

One of my favorite makeovers was on a teacher in California that the crew fell in love with.  A working mother, devoted to her family first, her career second, and little or no time for her own beauty routine each and every day.

My team and I rolled out the red carpet for Mrs. G, took her shopping, and glammed this working mom up.  I applied a beautiful chocolate brown as the base with subtle dimension through the top, and covered up faded ends throughout. For the cut I worked with the perimeter shaping and created seamless layering throughout and softened facial features.    Lighter applications of makeup were used by my makeup team so she could replicate the look at home and not get lost in the technique, and attire was kept simple with body-comfortable clothing that she could mix and match herself.  We love you Mrs. G and hope you're doing GREAT with your new look.


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A few more photos from the day (courtesy of Dore Madere for Billy Lowe)

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