Bald is Beautiful

Dear Billy:  I love reading your blog but I think I need some help.  While my husband shaves his head and doesn't really need any hair styling tips do you have any grooming tips for men that might be helpful for him?     Thanks.  Linda C - Lexington, KY. 

Dear Linda C.

Absolutely, and thanks for writing.  We all know that bald is beautiful and some men wear that look quite nicely.  From my days in skincare, I know that 90% of sun damage comes from incidental sun exposure and if your husband shaves his head, sunscreen is a must especially in today's conditions.  Also be reminded that the hours of 11am to 3pm are the most risky times to be out and about due to higher burn potential.  For the gentleman that shaves his head or is balding naturally, proper skincare is of utmost importance.   Here are a few great beauty tips on this question.

1.  Be sure your Doctor is checking your skin regularly.   Skin is very thin on the top of the head and there isn't as much fatty tissue there to help protect it.
2.  Wear wide brim hats.  Many retailers have a number of items available and my friends at have a great selection as well.
3.  Keep sunscreen with you at all times and apply as needed.
4.  Be careful of sunroof and convertible time.  The sun feels warm and toasty indeed but too much can be quite painful.
5.  Encourage your friends to say "Enough" if they notice you're getting a little red on the rooftop.

These are great beauty tips that should be practiced year round for this client.   Thanks again Linda for a very valuable question.


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