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Nowadays, travel is becoming more and more challenging with thoughts of check-in, what to pack, arriving a few minutes early, and hoping your party finds you on the other end since they can no longer meet you at the gate.  And after a 2, 3, or 10 hour flight, we all hit the landing strip trying to pull ourselves into consciousness wishing for nothing more than a nice comfy bed at the end of the journey.  But for most of us, it's trying to unbuckle our seat belts and be patient with the passenger in front of us, while looking our best for a meeting we have at our destination.  We scramble for a comb, a compact, and heavens only knows where a mirror is as we wipe the sleep from our eyes before leaving the plane.  To make matters worse, your beauty products are packed safely away in a luggage piece that you may not even have time to find before your meeting (if you even brought a beauty bag at all).

So how should we pack for our journeys and just what should we bring?  What's allowable on the plane and what's reasonable?  Over the years and having had countless discussions with clients, I think I've come up with a few ideas to hopefully make this much easier than it seems.  I hope you enjoy these basic beauty tips for travel.

  1. If you are traveling to a second home, forget packing beauty products at all.  Keep them at your destination.  This will make it much easier for you. You may keep one or two basics in your bag like mascara or a compact, but as to bringing your whole beauty set, keep a second one at your second home. 
  2. If you are traveling for business and it's literally the same day there and back, bring everything you need in a large freezer bag.  I suggest keeping it simple and bringing only 4 or 5 items.  Stop by your favorite department store and purchase travel sized pieces of your beauty products such as hairspray and perhaps a styling product, small mouthwash and toothbrush, and perhaps two makeup pieces such as mascara and powder.  That's it.  Keep is really simple.  This should all fit in your day bag anyway. 
  3. If you are traveling for vacation and checking luggage, follow step #2 and keep this bag with you on the plane.  In addition to these small items, pack a more thought out beauty bag that you can check in with your luggage. 
  4. If you are traveling with others, share the load.  There's no need for 4 people to bring a hair dryer.  By sharing the load you can actually save time and space, to make more room for keep-sakes to bring back with you.  
  5. Keep an on-the-go bag ready at all times.  This way when you are packing for a trip, you don't have to think about what to pack with you; it's already done. 

Most importantly, enjoy your trip, keep it simple, and have fun on the go. 

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