Spiral Perm Question

Dear Billy:    I want to get a spiral perm in my hair but I have recently colored my hair and was told I can not perm my hair with it colored.  Your suggestions? 

Dear Client:   Yes, you CAN perm your hair after color.   There are many solutions for you nowadays with chemical procedures and we have done beautiful work in the salon for clients who do want more movement in their hair.  Chemical companies have grown to realize that clients often enjoy (and need) more than one chemical procedure and are working closely in the labs to develop products and formulas that are safe for chemically processed hair.  Here are my top recommendations on this, however.

#1 - Work with a stylist who KNOWS chemicals, and who does his or her homework on chemical procedures, ingredients, and safety.
#2 - I recommend waiting 3-5 days in between these 2 services.
#3 -Depending on the color desired,  I would apply the perm first.   If you apply color and then perm your hair, the color will fade quickly.

As always, follow your salon professionals tips when it comes to product usage, don't self prescribe your products, and again, work with a trusted professional who is experienced at double process services.

In beauty,
Billy Lowe


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