Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Salon Services At Home

Often times, clients' schedules are such that they prefer to have some salon services provided in-home.   These might include blow-outs, massage therapy, nails, waxing, etc.   While cut and color is a bit more challenging to do in the home unless the client has a built-in salon area, having basic services in the home are indeed a luxury and a convenience.

If you are in need of professional salon services in the home, many salons have in-home programs, and stylists on call for services as such.   There may be an additional fee for travel, mileage or gas, but when it comes to avoiding traffic, saving yourself a little time, and paying a little more for the convenience, in-home salon services might be just for you.  

Additional fees that might be considered for in-home salon services: 
1.  $15-$20 for a travel fee
2.  Some beauty professionals charge double the service fee for in-home
3.  It is not uncommon for many salons or stylists to bill by the hour for in-home services with a 2 hour minimum no matter how long they stay
4.  I would encourage a small gratuity as well for the stylist who sees you in-home

Enjoy, stay beautiful, and enjoy the season.

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