Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salon Savings

Today, with more and more online offers being presented, how are salons and clients to maintain their relationships with each being devoted to the other? 

If you love your stylist, why stray?  However, if you are unhappy with your cut or color, online promotions might be a great way to find someone new.  They can, on the other hand, be a risky way to have your hair done especially if the salon or stylist is a "new-comer" to the industry.  Here are my top tips for getting a great value, maintaining a great relationship w/ your stylist, or searching out a new one.

  1. Do your homework!   Look at how long the stylist or salon has been in business, credits or events they have worked on, etc. 
  2. Ask for referrals.  It's always best when someone you know refers you to a great stylist.    This makes the relationship more meaningful for everyone. 
  3. If you are purchasing an online "deal of the day" once again, do your homework, visit the company's website, ask questions and research.  Stick with the basics.   Purchase blow-outs or deep conditioning treatments on your first visit to "test drive" the service levels and experience.   Then use your best judgment to book future services based on the experience you've had. 
  4. Ask your current salon about promotions they may have that match or come near to something else you may be considering.  Chances are, your salon would rather offer you a one-time promotion than lose you forever.  
For these and more great beauty tips, keep checking back for exciting updates and information.  

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