Salon Consultations

My consultation with Susan.

One of the most important elements of any salon visit is the salon consultation.  Taking time with your beauty professional, whether it's cut, color, waxing or nails, is very helpful to you and the professional in getting exactly what you want from your visit.  So many clients arrive at the top of the hour for their appointment with no time to spare for communication, new ideas, or feedback.  But in addition to adding a few minutes to your appointment by arriving early, how is one to communicate with the salon professional in order to make the most of the experience? 

First of all, I say bring tear sheets. I know many stylists disagree, but I think it's a great way to reduce any room for error.  Not only is it good for you to describe what you want in cut or color, it's also good that you have a visual for what you are looking for.   If a client says "short" that can mean 20 different things.  But if I see a visual of her (or his) version of short, then I have a better idea of what the look is.  Additionally, I recommend writing out a few words beside the images to describe the look you are going for.  Descriptions (as detailed as possible) help your hair stylist deliver more closely what you are looking for.  The same thing applies for color.   "Brunette" can have countless possibilities, as can blonde.   Does this mean a solid color to you?  Do you like dimension in your color?  How warm, how cool?

Secondly, as I said before, arrive early.  I was told once "If you're on time - you're late!"   And it's true.  If 5 clients have an 11:00a.m. appointment and they are all trying to get into a smock at the same time, it creates delays and back-up.  So be early, relax, and unwind.

Next, be sure to follow up with your hair stylist or salon professional after the appointment to let her or him know how you like the results.  This is a great training tool for the stylist.  If they don't hear back from you, they may never know.

And finally, understand that the first visit isn't always perfection.  We don't learn to ride a bike on our first try, and if you are new to a salon professional, it may take a time or two before she or he really comes to understand your hair. 

There is so much to consider during your salon consultation.  Be as precise as possible, make it a conversation and you'll be a lot closer to getting the results you want.   Have fun, and enjoy your new "do."


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