Salon Appointments

It may not be on everyone's mind, but your salon appointment is still one of the most important events to calendar!

For many years, a large number of my clients have booked their salon appointments out for the entire year.  We look at their last year's schedule, and make a plan for the coming year.  I usually do this around October and November each year for the upcoming year.  But in a city like Los Angeles, where we barely commit to dinner with friends, how in the world are we supposed to commit to a salon appointment a year in advance, or even 4 weeks in advance? 

"But I don't know where I'm going to be."  You say.  

Too often we make excuses for why we should not do something - when in fact it could perhaps be the best thing for us in honoring ourselves with a little relaxation and pamper time.  Most of us work pretty routine jobs, and have pretty routine lives, and unless we are sick or get called out, we pretty much do know our schedules.  So I say - put yourself on your own calendar, honor your time with a little fun and relaxation, pre-book that next appointment.   Besides, you can always change it!


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