The perfect curl

There's nothing better than that perfect Marilyn curl, loosely placed, and then shaken out.   

 I love accidental hair, care-free hair, and hair that's a little tousled.  But be careful of overheating the hair during curl placement.   While it's true that "dirty hair" is great for California Curls, you can still get this look from start to finish. 

1.  Shampoo and style as usual.
2.  Apply a protective detangler, and a styling cream or serum, and blow-dry completely in normal manner.  I recommend using a metal round brush for smooth effects. My favorite are the Olivia Garden Thermal Round Brushes
3.  Rather than curling from ends to root, work the other way around.  It's best to start at the root area, and curl working down the hair shaft so you avoid overheating the ends. 
4.  To keep the curl pattern steady, wrap warm/finished curls around your fingers and clip to scalp area as you finish working the rest of the hair.  This allows cooling and setting time. 
5.  When completely cooled (I recommend 10-15 minutes to set), release the curls, finger toss, or blow dry lightly with a dryer on a cool setting.  

THE RESULT:  Gorgeous tousled locks that say "come touch me!" 


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