Hair Cut Disasters

Have you ever cut your own hair and end up feeling like "a dummy?"

There's nothing worse than attempting to snip the bangs or add your own idea of facial framing, only to turn around and wonder how quickly you can find a salon open - at 8:45PM on Friday evening.

My thoughts:  NEVER DO IT YOURSELF. 

When you try to cut your own hair, your fingers are often in the way distorting your vision.  Your hands bend so you can see around them, and it's hard to cut looking at a reflection of what you're doing.  Stylists have a clear view of what they are doing and their steps are very guided and clear. 

My tip:   Trust your salon professional, plan ahead, and don't wait til the last minute to cut your hair or schedule your salon services.    And finally, NEVER walk into a salon based on an emotional response to something like a break-up.   You may just regret it in the morning.


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