Hair care in a tough economy!

Let's face it.    We are in some interesting economic times and people are cutting corners at every turn.  

While we'd like to think that the salon industry is exempt because people do need to have their hair cut, clients everywhere are looking for ways to space out their services, make the color last a little longer, or perhaps the dreaded D.I.Y. syndrome (Do It Yourself).

One of the biggest risks that people take when they try to cut or color themselves is making a big "uh-oh" that will end  up costing a fortune to correct. Color correction is very expensive in time and dollars.  The ten dollar box of hair color at the store can end up costing $200 or $300 to correct if the color goes bad.   And most likely it will.   Your salon professional is trained in how to apply color, how to match previous color, how to analyze desired outcomes and contributing pigment of your hair, and color placement.   All of these things are taken into account when it comes to applying hair color.

Another big mistake I always see is people trying to cut their own bangs.  What a disaster this can turn out to be. From cutting too much to uneven sections, it is very difficult (even for professionals) to cut your own hair.

Rule of thumb:  While saving money is great during these times, it's still very important to trust your salon professional with your hair.   Otherwise, you might be making a very costly mistake!

Billy Lowe


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